The Garden of the Divine World

Miraculous Rose Petals

Ground Area near the entrance

View from the Grotto


A grotto in the middle of the city but a silent place where you can meditate and do spiritual thing. That is the Garden of the Divine World located in Quezon city. The garden is open to all who wants to bring their families and friends for free entrance. Aside from that, you can also visit two different kind of cemeteries from a century old cemetery to a modern Japanese inspired columbary. And step up to the approximately 50 metres high grotto of Mama Mary, the hilight of all.

When you're inside the garden don't forget to look for the miraculous rose petals, there you can see the actual image of a woman carrying a child as who happened to be MAMA MARY appears on that rose petals. There is a goose bump story behind that image, a story of a lady gardener who served and took care of the garden many years ago, when MAMA MARY appears to Her. I don't know exactly what's the whole story but the priests of Christ the King can elaborate you the whole "KWENTO" story.

By the way the garden is under the care of Christ The King church in Quezon City. You can visit the garden any time.

How to get there? It's accessible from Cubao take the E-Rod and if you're coming from EDSA kamuning turn left from Tomas Morato down to E-Rod and from Manila area if you're plying the route of Quezon Ave, sway to right from welcome rotonda take E-Rod and you're all down to Christ the King.

Special thanks to my friends WINSTON JIMENEZ and MJ for touring me and for the free transportation. God Bless you guys.

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