WOW Zamboanga City "Asia's Latin City"

Sta. Cruz Island

Lantaka Hotel

Paseo del Mar

Colorful Vintas (from wow Philippines exhibits)

Jambangan Performers

These are just few of the many faces and places in Zamboanga city, from pink sandy beaches, five star hotels, Spanish inspired garden/park to cultural shows and historical places such as the Fort Pilar and the museum.

Another thing that we ZamboangeƱos are truly proud of is our language, "Chavacano" The Chavacano language is the only Spanish-based creole in Asia. It has survived for more than 400 years, making it one of the oldest creole languages in the world.

Now!" mi Punto de Vista" my point of view, people most likely from Manila and across the globe when they hear the word Zamboanga especially Mindanao a lot of them associated it in terrorism: Bombing, kidnapping, and many other heinous crimes. But they just don't know that a lot of beautiful places in the Philippines can be found in Mindanao.

Here's my "Why list"

1. Why is it Pagadian and Dapitan are quite known now when it comes to eco-tourism?
2. Why Dakak is very known when it comes to resort?
3. Why is it Camiguin is very known too where for sure Camiguin is part of Mindanao?
4. Why is siargao island concidered as the surfing capital of the phils?
5. Why Zamboanga City is a bit discreet to the public?

Let me focus on the number five why

Some of the mentioned places above are well funded by the local government, from infrastructures to publicity. Now, as I grew up in Zamboanga City I saw the changes from my childhood till I graduated college heydays, I was there when the Mindpro mall was born the eco-zone in Labuan the Immaculate Concepcion place in the city was established. After few years when I left Zamboanga City the very beautiful park by the beach the "Paseo Del Mar" right at the back of the Fort Pilar Shrine sparkling the city into new face.

Security reasons? Zamboanga city is a safe place to go I betcha visit Zamboanga city anytime. The city has the same way of life as the Manila has. But the thing is Zamboanga city owned this kind of culture and spot that no other city can give.

So why do tourists both local and international don't know where and what are these parks and places I mentioned? This is because Zamboanga City somehow lacks the effort or they are still working on road map of showing to the public (entire Philippines) what Zamboanga city really is. Part of the publicity is one of the missing puzzle to make Zamboanga City known.

I believe it is now time that Zamboanga city must fly high on its own name ZAMBOANGA CITY ( the Asias Latin City) Kudos! con el mga participantes de zamboanga city for making a great presentation during the WOW Philippines week at Intramuros Manila.

To my Cousin Emily Bucoy-delos Reyes thank you for inviting me, for showing the new faces and places of Asia's Latin City.

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