The Most Beautiful Angel

She's the loveliest baby I've ever seen. I can't wait to welcome her in our real world.

"Ang cute, mana sa tatay at nanay" lol :))

She's no miracle, indeed She's the greatest gift given to us by our LORD.
Sharon and I ask for an angel and GOD is so GOOD to us... We're so blessed..
Again as a future real DAD, this is now the staring point of my life, to fix what is to be fixed, to strengthen what is to be strengthened.

Building a FAMILY is not as simple as counting like 1.2.3, for me it's a day-to-day construction process. Always plan for tomorrow.

LORD thank you for giving us an Instrument like EMILY, an instrument of love and a guide for a better us. The most wonderful and precious gift ever.

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