Are there any Japanese restaurants here in Manila that serves Odori-don?
I find this dish a bit off, (Inhumane)  but for the Japanese  it's just part of their daily servings.

Koreans also has almost the same dish the only difference is they serve live Squid yay.

By the way I got this image "gif" via google+

This Japanese seafood dish is called Odori-don  and consists of salmon, seaweed and caviar - topped off with squid. The squid is recently dead, and when soy sauce is applied to the squid, its neurons are activated, causing it to wiggle and dance.
This is done to show how fresh it is at the table as a sign of luxury.
Japanese don’t consider this inhumane or cruel (as perhaps Westerners would assume), but it’s far more interesting than a twitching slab of cow

According to wkrg.com (see explanation)  The energy lies within ions contained in the sauce's high sodium content. These ions are used in cells to create voltage differences. Because the squid is served fresh, the cells inside are still active and when the sodium is applied, the signals across the nerve cell membranes are temporarily reactivated causing the squid to "dance."


Captain America "The First Avenger"

“Captain America is my He-Art!”

Fascinating movie, from How they Did it to How they will end it.

I feel like a little child watching this trailer,  and I can't even wait to watch this on big screen. A never ending-like breathe taking scenes, a futuristic style with a touch of the past (history).  

 "After being deemed unfit for military service, Steve Rogers volunteers for a top secret research project that turns him into Captain America, a superhero dedicated to defending America's ideals."

For more promos and updates Like them on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/captamericaph and visit http://www.theavengersassembled.com


"Sa pangarap walang mataas o mababa kapag gusto mo talaga pipilitin mong abutin"
pero paano mo maabot ang gusto mong pangarap kung may pilit na humahadlang sayo?

PATIKUL in reality. Today Joel Lamangan's film is opening the eyes of  everyone of us showcasing the beauty of Patikul and the downside of it.  A Story of some real HEROES (TEACHER) who struggled to work for the future of their children (Students). A story of simple individual wanting to make a difference.

It is a universal story of people trying to live a better life and wanting a better future for their children set in a place which couldn't be more perfect for the them - A Tausug from Patikul.


Weekend Gourmet Market at Eastwood Mall

The search is over. Hard-to-find gourmet food items are now available at the Eastwood Mall. Over two dozen home-based specialty food shops line up the Eastwood Mall Weekend Gourmet Market, which opened last April 24. Pastries, cakes, rare gourmet cooking ingredients, fine liquor that were known before only through word of mouth or online stores, have found a home that their loyal buyers can go to regularly.

“Aside from showcasing these novelty items, the Eastwood Mall Weekend Gourmet Market also gives local entrepreneurs a chance to showcase their homemade products,” said Kevin L. Tan, Megaworld Corporation commercial division head. 

From spices to sweets, greens to pates, this gourmet market is sure to match every taste bud’s preference.
The health conscious will surely appreciate the lettuce, celery, and other greens sold at Dew Sri’s Aeroponic Vegetables. Cultivated using the Aeroponic System, these vegetables are grown in containers filled with flowing plant nutrition—the best oxygenation and moisture condition—allowing a better and more balanced nutrition assimilation.

Cake, chocolate, and cookie corners will, of course, be present, with Filipinos’ natural penchant for sweets. Connoisseurs will enjoy the nut-filled butter cookies sold at the Russian Cookie House, while the more adventurous taste buds will be intrigued with the distinctive taste of Anatolia Cuisine’s Turkish pastries. Bringing out the kid in everyone are Candy Cakes’ sweet concoctions inspired by the world’s most loved candy bars such as Reese’s peanut butter chocolate cheesecake, Ferrero tart, Snickers cake, and S’mores cheesecake.

To-go meals are some of the market’s prized finds. Avid customers line-up to have their taste of Farm N’ Deli’s pre-cooked authentic paella and special smoked fish. Moms also love the home-made bottled sauces and spreads of Garden Kitchen such as bilimbi vinaigrette, lima bean pate, and basil-pili pesto.
With this assortment, there’s no need to go to great lengths to find the food items you’ve been looking for because home-made gourmet is now within reach.

Visit the Weekend Gourmet Market at Eastwood Mall, from 11am-11pm on Saturdays and from 10 am-10pm on Sundays. The Weekend Gourmet Market will run until the end of June. For inquiries, contact 709-0888 or 709-9888.

Also Don't forget to visit Carmel's  and try their  Gourmets and Sweets. 

 Carmel's Bottled Products 

Carmel's Cakes

Opens until the whole month of August

COAL Restaurant

What will the food lovers expects from COAL a restaurant that will be flaming soon  this 2011 at Green Field District in Mandaluyong City, located in the vicinity of Edsa Central. The restaurant is located literally besides the greeny-field   on the ground floor of the building  that houses hundreds of BPO staffs and shopping stores where people "SPENDING" are part of their hobbies. 

The Place is quite nice can you imagine having a dinner with your loved ones or friends in front of the green field? hmmm that sounds awesome! Not only that, if you're running out of cash throw your worries away, there's a teller machine few steps away to cater you pocket's needs.

But there's this only one thing I observed, they don't have parking space. That's a bit challenging for food fanatics  with wheels wanting to reach to try something flaming. But what is the essence of " IF THERE'S A WILL, THERE'S A WAY" if you can't get what you want. 

Let's find out this 2011 how the COAL ignites for the  Hungry Stomachs.


Sweetest Moment

From Day one to day now !
Isn't She Lovely? 
Emily Rees at 11th
June 20, 2012

UPDATE: Our Princess after Two Months


JULY 17, 2011 (USA / California local Time) The Birth of Our Beautiful Angel and Star.

I Will forever cherish this moment and our Emily Reese too if she will read these comments in the future from the good people around us, those who inspired and cheered us during our (Sharon and I) love story from day one up to the day she (Emily) say hello world.

Also taking part of this opportunity for saying thank you for the endless support and care of the lovely  people  for taking care of my Wife Sharon Ian Barrios-Bucoy, I know Thank you is not suffice enough, my PRAYERS and good wishes for you guys for now. 




My Girls Birthdays

August 15-Philippines

It's Shawie's Birthday!!!!

(When it comes to shooting stars,  I have never seen anything as beautiful as you)

It's My Girls Birthdays, you're probably wandering why "my Girls Birthdays".
Yes, not one but two birthdays.
July 17 will be the Birth date of our Emily Reese and on August 15 is the day of my Lovely Sharon, please mark that date!
I know and I am confident enough that God will keep Shawie and Emily in  safest condition during the delivery.

To all my Relatives and friends,  thank you  all for  the best wishes and for the continuous prayers.


iPhone 5?

As the launch of its next-generation iPhone handset nears, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that Apple is gearing up to ship a record amount of iPhones to close out the 2011 year with a bang. Apple has been placing huge orders for the necessary components to make the next iPhone, and with the hype and media frenzy continuing to develop at full steam the product is expected to sell very well.
WSJ cited sources inside of Apple’s supply chain that the company is being very aggressive with its build strategies for the new iPhone, and has directed its manufacturers to expect orders totaling 25 million units over the coming months. The report claims that unless Foxconn can improve its yields, Apple will be unable to meet such a lofty goal. Insiders have claimed that the iPhone 5 is both “complicated” and “difficult to assemble”.
The report also rumored that the next iPhone will include new models of a wireless baseband chip developed by Qualcomm, which will be replacing the iPhone 4’s chips which were provided by Infineon. It’s been widely suspected that Apple will be moving to a “world phone” chipset with the next iPhone, enabling use on both GSM and CDMA networks across the globe and simplifying the number of models that Apple needs to develop. The WSJ report didn’t provide any indication if this Qualcomm chip would be “world phone” capable.
The report also stated that the iPhone 5 will be both lighter and thinner than the iPhone 4, but didn’t commit to any speculation regarding a change in design. Just a couple of weeks ago ThisIsMyNext claimed that the iPhone 5 would be a radical design departure from the iPhone 4, and other recent rumors have claimed that the love for the iPhone 4’s design is all but gone from the company’s executive team.
If the report is accurate, then Apple’s large component orders would put the iPhone 5 on track to hit its rumored third-quarter release date. Apparently, suppliers have been quoted as planning to ship their final hardware to Foxconn no later than early August so that final assembly of the handsets can begin. Apple shipped more than 18 million iPhones in its last quarter, so a 25 million unit prediction would indicate that Cupertino expects the iPhone 5 to be a blockbuster.
Apple had no comment on the report, and has kept tight-lipped regarding the next iPhone handset. As the days tick off to September, expect the rumor mill to keep turning.

Source: iPhonebizz


Apl.de.ap Inviting everyone to join this RUN full of FUN

Jog over to join the first ever

AUGUST 28, 2011
Free Breakfast & Pusong Pinoy T-Shirt
(limited to the first 300 registrants)

For more details, please contact the following coordinators:
TL ADI LAPPAO - 09186767651

TL BYD BAWAYAN - 09496485356
VTL JOANNE SUYAM - 09195061088
VTL MAJOY TOYAOAN - 09082565098
TL NINGNING DOBLE - 09228019305

Registration ends on August 23, 2011
Registration Centers:
GABLETS RESTO & CAFE (Upper Session Rd., beside Narda's)
CARDELI CAFE (Military Cut-off Rd.)
UPPL PUSONG BOOTH (University of the Philippines Baguio)
For more details pls visit www.pusongpinoy.org

As a background, Pusong Pinoy (Heart of a Filipino) is a non-profit organization registered in the State of California.  We are a 100% volunteer group  dedicated to helping underprivileged children in the Philippines.  On August 28, 2011, we are hosting a fun awareness run entitled “Pusong Pinoy HEROES’ Run” at The Burnham Park Lake Drive at 5:30 – 10:00 AM. Please see attached for the details of the run.
Since 2009, PUSONG PINOY have grown to a force of over 30,000 heroes worldwide via
Facebook making a difference in so many lives - one book, one meal, one piece of clothing at a time. Our mission is to provide assistance to organizations in the Philippines with effective programs designed to advance the well-being of disadvantaged children, especially in the areas of education, health care, and social services with primary focus on their efforts to promote literacy through reading.

It is in this light that PUSONG PINOY invite you to be a major part of this endeavor by advertising for this event.  This is an excellent way to advertise your business that will be remembered by hundreds of people attending this event. You may opt to give either in-kind or monetary donations. All proceeds will go to Pusong Pinoy’s causes.  

To learn more about our organization, please visit our website at www.pusongpinoy.org.  If you need additional information, please feel free to call me at 0922 801 9305 or 0920 901 9305. Like US on facebook https://www.facebook.com/PusongPinoy.org 


Top 5 - 5star restaurant in Metro Manila

Top 5 - 5star restaurant in Metro Manila according to "Nile Guide" Manila


You can't go wrong with Red; this restaurant-cum-bar is simply too stylish. Impressive food presentation and impeccable preparations are the hallmarks of this unique restaurant. The service is efficient; you don't have to wait too long for your order. Don't leave without trying The Red Appetizer Three Ways. The dessert and wine list do justice to the hype. This is truly a gem in Makati Shangri-La's hat.
The Tivoli is a beautiful and luxurious restaurant located at the Mandarin Oriental in Manila. The elegant interiors complete with shining mirrors and trellises add an extra vibrancy to the space. While at The Tivoli, try out Creamy Lobster bisque, Braised black wagyu cheeks and Mille-feuille of pan-fried sea bass. The intimate alcove is a great spot for those looking for privacy during romantic dinners. Month ending Fridays turn out to be a dining extravaganza with seven meal courses and an unlimited supply of wines.


Frequented by the beautiful people of Mandaluyong, this restaurant offers local paparazzi a wealth of material to use. Aside from the outstanding cuisine people come here for another reason - to see and be seen. Using imported ingredients, the Italian chef whips up such delectable dishes as risotto with king prawns, linguini with clams, and roast lamb wrapped in crispy Parma ham. The tiramisu is a sheer delight. The predominantly black and white decor is accented with copper tints, wood surfaces, and wicker furniture.


This is the perfect place for a dim sum lunch or a Chinese banquet dinner. The room itself is hotel elegant, with large round tables perfect for feasting with friends and family, banquettes for those wanting a bit more privacy, and private rooms for those wanting to feel they are in their own living room. If you go for lunch make sure to taste every dim sum item on the menu, and if there for dinner, well, you cant leave without trying their Peking duck.
Inagiku is a fine Japanese restaurant located at the Makati Shangri-La in Manila. The atmosphere at Inagiku is absolutely fantastic, with minimalistic wooden furnishings and bold colors, that resemble a modern Japanese eating joint. Start of with some excellent appetizers such as Shiitake Ebi Nikutsume or Zensai Moriawase. For the main course try out the excellent Teppanyaki Live Lobster and if you still have room for dessert go for the Homemade ice cream.


Perfect Timing

Having a good and appropriate gadget is a plus but timing is a must.

 see the world upside down 1

 see the world upside down2

Perfect Combination


5 Surprising Signs of an Unhealthy Heart

1. Neck pain
Feel like you pulled a muscle in the side of your neck? Think again, especially if it doesn't go away. Post-heart attack, some patients remember noticing that their neck hurt and felt tight, a symptom they attributed at the time to muscle strain. People commonly miss this symptom because they expect the more dramatic acute pain and numbness in the chest, shoulder, and arm. Women in particular are less likely to experience heart pain that way, and more likely to feel twinges of pain and a sensation of tightness running along the shoulder and down the neck, says Margie Latrella, an advanced practice nurse in the Women's Cardiology Center in New Jersey and coauthor of Take Charge: A Woman's Guide to a Healthier Heart (Dog Ear, 2009). The pain might also extend down the left side of the body, into the left shoulder and arm.
Why it happens:
Nerves from damaged heart tissue send pain signals up and down the spinal cord to junctures with nerves that extend out into the neck and shoulder.
What distinguishes it:
The pain feels like it's radiating out in a line, rather than located in one very specific spot. And it doesn't go away with ice, heat, or muscle massage.

2. Sexual problems
Having trouble achieving or keeping erections is common in men with coronary artery disease, but they may not make the connection. One survey of European men being treated for cardiovascular disease found that two out of three had suffered from erectile dysfunction for months or years before they were diagnosed with heart trouble. Recent studies on the connection between ED and cardiovascular disease have been so convincing that doctors now consider it the standard of care to do a full cardiovascular workup when a man comes in complaining of ED, according to cardiologist Goldstein says. "In recent years there's been pretty clear evidence that there's a substantially increased risk of heart attack and death in patients with erectile dysfunction," Goldstein says.
Why it happens:
Just as arteries around the heart can narrow and harden, so can those that supply the penis. And because those arteries are smaller, they tend to show damage much sooner -- as much as three to four years before the disease would otherwise be detected.
What distinguishes it:
In this case, the cause isn't going to be immediately distinguishable. If you or your partner has problems getting or maintaining an erection, that's reason enough to visit your doctor to investigate cardiovascular disease as an underlying cause. "Today, any patient who comes in with ED is considered a cardiovascular patient until proven otherwise," says Goldstein.

3. Dizziness, faintness, or shortness of breath
More than 40 percent of women in one study published in Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association, reported having experienced shortness of breath in the days before a heart attack. You might feel like you can't breathe, or you might feel dizzy or faint, as you would at high altitude. If you can't catch your breath while walking upstairs, vacuuming, weeding the garden, or doing other activities that previously caused you no trouble, this is a reason to be on the alert.
Why it happens:
Not enough blood is getting through the arteries to carry sufficient oxygen to the heart. The heart muscle pain of angina may also make it hurt to draw a deep breath. Coronary artery disease (CAD), in which plaque builds up and blocks the arteries that feed the heart, prevents the heart from getting enough oxygen. The sudden sensation of not being able to take a deep breath is often the first sign of angina, a type of heart muscle pain.
What distinguishes it:
If shortness of breath is caused by lung disease, it usually comes on gradually as lung tissue is damaged by smoking or environmental factors. If heart or cardiovascular disease is the cause, the shortness of breath may come on much more suddenly with exertion and will go away when you rest.
4. Indigestion, nausea, or heartburn
Although most of us expect pain from any condition related to the heart to occur in the chest, it may actually occur in the abdomen instead. Some people, particularly women, experience the pain as heartburn or a sensation of over-fullness and choking. A bout of severe indigestion and nausea can be an early sign of heart attack, or myocardial infarction, particularly in women. In one study, women were more than twice as likely as men to experience vomiting, nausea, and indigestion for several months leading up to a heart attack.
Why it happens:
Blockages of fatty deposits in an artery can reduce or cut off the blood supply to the heart, causing what feels like tightness, squeezing, or pain -- most typically in the chest but sometimes in the abdomen instead. Depending on which part of your heart is affected, it sends pain signals lower into the body. Nausea and light-headedness can also be signs that a heart attack is in progress, so call your doctor right away if the feeling persists.
What distinguishes it:
Like all types of angina, the abdominal pain associated with a heart problem is likely to worsen with exertion and get better with rest. Also, you're likely to experience repeated episodes, rather than one prolonged episode as you would with normal indigestion or food poisoning.

5. Jaw and ear pain
Ongoing jaw pain is one of those mysterious and nagging symptoms that can have several causes but can sometimes be a clue to coronary artery disease (CAD) and impending heart attack. The pain may travel along the jaw all the way to the ear, and it can be hard to determine which it's coming from, says cardiovascular nurse Margie Latrella. This is a symptom doctors have only recently begun to focus on, because many patients surveyed post-heart attack report that this is one of the only symptoms they noticed in the days and weeks leading up to the attack.
Why it happens:
Damaged heart tissue sends pain signals up and down the spinal cord to junctures with nerves that radiate from the cervical vertebrae out along the jaw and up to the ear.
What distinguishes it:
Unlike the jaw pain caused by temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ), tooth pain, or ear infection, the pain doesn't feel like it's in one isolated spot but rather like it's radiating outward in a line. The pain may extend down to the shoulder and arm -- particularly on the left side, and treatments such as massage, ice, and heat don't affect it.

Source: yahoo health

Two MTV love stories - Pinoy and Korean

Two MTV Love stories with almost the same theme gadget but with totally different kind of twists.

Does this mean Asian People loves CAMERA? (especially men), or simply Asian Women really looks good when standing in front of the camera lenses? Whatever it is, I must say Asian Movie producers are good in LOVE STORY film making, whether MTV's or a 90-minute long movies.

Video Clips / MTV/ from a Korean Movie "KISS"

Beautiful Girl: Originally Composed and sung by Jose Marie Chan revived by Christian Bautista.


A Picture Says a Thousand Words

A Picture says a thousand words, this post beautifully celebrates a babies intrinsic LOVE of the water when introduced gently from birth. Many of the little once on this pictures commenced pool lessons from just 12 weeks of age and their ability to be at one with the water was only made possible through gentle consistent lessons.


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