Are there any Japanese restaurants here in Manila that serves Odori-don?
I find this dish a bit off, (Inhumane)  but for the Japanese  it's just part of their daily servings.

Koreans also has almost the same dish the only difference is they serve live Squid yay.

By the way I got this image "gif" via google+

This Japanese seafood dish is called Odori-don  and consists of salmon, seaweed and caviar - topped off with squid. The squid is recently dead, and when soy sauce is applied to the squid, its neurons are activated, causing it to wiggle and dance.
This is done to show how fresh it is at the table as a sign of luxury.
Japanese don’t consider this inhumane or cruel (as perhaps Westerners would assume), but it’s far more interesting than a twitching slab of cow

According to wkrg.com (see explanation)  The energy lies within ions contained in the sauce's high sodium content. These ions are used in cells to create voltage differences. Because the squid is served fresh, the cells inside are still active and when the sodium is applied, the signals across the nerve cell membranes are temporarily reactivated causing the squid to "dance."

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  1. Is this eaten as it is or it has to be cooked?


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