"Sa pangarap walang mataas o mababa kapag gusto mo talaga pipilitin mong abutin"
pero paano mo maabot ang gusto mong pangarap kung may pilit na humahadlang sayo?

PATIKUL in reality. Today Joel Lamangan's film is opening the eyes of  everyone of us showcasing the beauty of Patikul and the downside of it.  A Story of some real HEROES (TEACHER) who struggled to work for the future of their children (Students). A story of simple individual wanting to make a difference.

It is a universal story of people trying to live a better life and wanting a better future for their children set in a place which couldn't be more perfect for the them - A Tausug from Patikul.

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  1. A must -see film by Joel Lamangan, a respected and well known director. Hope that he will create a film depicting the lives of soldiers in this war-torn municipality wherein recently, 7 marines were beheaded and mutilated and the wounding of 40 plus soldiers before the start of the holy month of ramadhan.


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