Sweetest Moment

From Day one to day now !
Isn't She Lovely? 
Emily Rees at 11th
June 20, 2012

UPDATE: Our Princess after Two Months


JULY 17, 2011 (USA / California local Time) The Birth of Our Beautiful Angel and Star.

I Will forever cherish this moment and our Emily Reese too if she will read these comments in the future from the good people around us, those who inspired and cheered us during our (Sharon and I) love story from day one up to the day she (Emily) say hello world.

Also taking part of this opportunity for saying thank you for the endless support and care of the lovely  people  for taking care of my Wife Sharon Ian Barrios-Bucoy, I know Thank you is not suffice enough, my PRAYERS and good wishes for you guys for now. 




  1. Dear you're the sweetest father and a husband I believe. keep it up dude!

    God Bless your Family and you cute lil one.


  2. Lance, thanks for the kudos that you gave on my site.

    Now, right back at ya: congrats on your new baby girl!! May God bless your family and may He guide you as a new dad.

  3. Oh how cute, i wish you all the happiness in the world pare and longer life to enjoy your new star of the night.

  4. Thanks Ethan, Blessing to you too :)


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