If There's A Will, There's A Way

For Heroes in Baguio City they have just justified what is the meaning of this line "If There's A Will, There's A Way". No matter how bad the weather is,  if you are willing to do something for the good of the many "yes" you can really do it. Hundreds of heroes made it possible as Pusong Pinoy held their first ever run for a cause called the PUSONG PINOY HEROES' RUN happened last August 28, 2011 at Burnham Park. 
Photo by: Mary Christine P Dulnuan (Pusong Pinoy runner)

Runners from all walks of life shows their support, conquers the typhoon with smiles and pride. The event started at 5:00 am, the coldest morning I've experienced, strong winds, fogs and heavy rain kisses the streets of Baguio pushes the runners and organizers to go away to leave the place, but everyone are all geared up with courage to run for a good cause.

Through the help of so many heroes and superheroes  across the globe, and of course with the full effort and force of  Baguio Benguet Team headed by: Team Leaders Ning Doble, Adi Lappao, Byd Nalibsan Bawayan, Jenny Soriano Oliva, Majoy Toyaoan-Lumiwes and  Joanne Suyam and hundreds of volunteers made it possible for every hero who wants to make a difference. And also through the big help of COOL CITY Baguio. 

City Team Leader, Team Leader and Vice Team Leader  from Hongkong and Manila were present cheering up their support as well.  

After the HEROES' Run,  although some registrants weren't able to claim their breakfast so the PP Superheroes and the Dawn to Dusk HEROES went to the Baguio General Hospital to give them to the sick. Pusong Pinoy were able to feed hundreds of patients in one day.

CTL HONGKONG Angel Martinez
Manila Core Team Leader Susan Chua
True enough if you have the heart to help others you can do everything whatever, wherever or whenever it is.

For more information about Pusong Pinoy Click here or like them on Facebook


Borgy Manotoc for BenMore Four Casks Scotch Whisky

yPart 1: One Night With BenMore

Part 2 : Borgy Manotoc for BenMore Four Casks Scotch Whisky

 Find out why you should try BenMore Four Casks Scotch Whisky.

BenMore Four Casks offers an even more deluxe scotch whisky for greater
drinking experience with smoother and more complex whisky notes which
regular standard whisky can not offer.

It can be enjoyed with your friends whatever the occasions.

There are five ways to drink BenMore:
Straight or on the rocks
With water
With iced tea
With cola
With soda/ tonic

BLOGGERS From Left:  Marco, Richard, Lance, Rhon, Weng and Jenny.. Photo Courtesy of: www.purpleandhue.com


One Night With BenMore

Part 1: One Night With BenMore Four Casks Scotch Whisky

Photo courtesy of: astig316.blogspot.com

One successful Whisky launching happened last August 17, 2011 at the Ronac Art Center in San Juan City,  Metro Manila. Wine sellers, Media Partners and Bloggers came together as Diageo and Global Noble International launches this one of a kind Whisky the BenMore Four Casks Scotch Whisky.  And also Part of the Event's highlight was the launching of it's website  www.benmorescotchwhisky.com (The website will be up and running soon, right now it's under construction). They also presented Mr. Gorgeous/Famous/Hunk Borgy Manotoc as the First Brand Ambassador for BenMore.

The Whisky Company and the distributor are not only promoting their good product but also promoting how to be a responsible drinkers.

We (Bloggers) had the chance to interview Borgy Manotoc and the Q&A was a mixed straight and full of twists, yes He managed to answer all questions from bloggers' mouth. I remember I asked him these following questions.
 How Often do you drink BenMore Four Casks Scotch Whisky?
Borgy: how often? ya I drink this kind of whisky two to three times a week
Rate this whisky from one to ten, then ten is the highest
Borgy: I'll rate this as number 9, I rate all good whiskies as 9 
If this BenMore Four Casks Scotch Whisky is a sexy international actress, who could this be?
Borgy: oh.. she's definitelty Megan Fox (smiling)
The interview went so fast and very entertaining.

Photo Courtesy of: www.purpleandhue.com
BenMore Four Casks Scotch Whisky is the newest whisky that is produced and distilled in Scotland. It is a deluxe Scotch whisky which puts attention to details. It is matured in four different types of oak casks to achieve depth and complexity to match the standards of whisky drinkers, to give the harmony between mellow tastes and scotch aroma, including malt and peat aroma with the hint of smokiness and most importantly, to give you an even smoother Scotch whisky experience.

There are five ways to drink BenMore:

Straight or on the rocks
With water
With iced tea
With cola
With soda/ tonic

I mixed it with cola and added some ice, Oh darn good, the taste is awesome! my ten taste buds reacted and wanted for some more. You can really feel the smoothness and the crisp - Perfect! and again perfect for all occasions. Why buying a highly commercialized Rum/brandy wherein you can now afford to buy Whisky anytime, you can have the BenMore Four Casks Scotch Whisky for only P340.00 or less.

"Diageo Diageo is the world's leading premium drinks business with an outstanding collection of beverage alcohol brands across spirits, beer and wine. These brands include Johnnie Walker, Crown Royal, J&B, Windsor, Buchanan's and Bushmills whiskies, Smirnoff, Ciroc and Ketel One vodkas, Baileys, Captain Morgan, Jose Cuervo, Tanqueray and Guinness. 

GLOBAL NOBLE INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION is the  exclusive distributor of BenMore Four Casks Scotch Whisky in the Philippines appointed by Diageo since October 2008. And a Marketing and Distribution Company Selling Fine Wines and other consumer goods. " 

Special Thanks to Ms. Jane Tio and Mr. Ariel Broncano and to the entire group of  Global Noble International

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Gulp Club Bar and Restaurant

Last August 13, (Saturday night) My Fiends MC and EDES Cootauco had their Birthday bash together at GULP CLUB in Panay Avenue, Quezon City, they invited some friends from call center Industry ( MC's friends) and school friends (EDES's friends) and closed ones like us meaning I was lucky then.

When I got the invites via FB I thought the restobar is just like a typical restobar with music box all around or just like a similar public place-like bar for party goers. Although the place really designed for party and drinking yuppies. I was wrong the place offers more than that and oh! They have large screen outside wow wow.

The two celebrants rented one VIP area with 2 Billiard tables and 1 KTV room, with sides table for the punch and drinks. Take note It has couches for lazy visitors like us,  pretty good place isn't it?. I think the venue can still house for about a hundred of guests. 

For smokers don't  worry guys, you can still have your cigars inside, it has exhaust fan so nothing to worry about the smokes it goes directly to the fan, I tried but I think it works :).  The place have also other type of VIP room for people who feels like really really party with DJ's around.

Picture takings with friends: Tere, Jayr, Hero, SA and the Birthday Girl EDES
The couch guys: Joar, Bart, yours truly  and the Birthday Girl MC

 MC's Friends

EDES's Friends at the KTV room

It was a night of happy celebration with happy people.
Thank You Birthday Girls MC and Edes Cootauco.



Bed and Breakfast

What comes to your mind when you hear Tagaytay? Maybe the View of Taal Volcano and lake, The Peoples Park, Tagaytay Highland, SeƱoritas, Pineapple and etc and etc., well for me it's all about Bed and Breakfast.

 In the rolling hills with lush green and colorful flowery ornamental plants, far from the busy city, where birds and butterflies freely flies lies  the House and Garden of Sonya called Sonya's Garden Bed and Breakfast. A typical Filipino house offers only the best Filipino and Western food and serves organic rice and fresh farm fruits like mangoes, pineapple and a lot more.

Last year my friends and I visited the place and had our breakfast at 7, it was like my ordinary morning turns into fairytale having breakfast together with Peter Pan and friends in the middle of the Neverland Garden, Can you imagine that?

 "All the Bed and Breakfast cottages are named after herbs, which, like her garden, reflect Sonya’s love for aromatic things. Inspired by her simple country lifestyle, the Bed and Breakfast facility was born out of insistent pleas from guests to stay awhile longer in Sonya’s private sanctuary. In the short time that it has been open to the public, many have already vowed to return for a myriad of simple joys, like waking up to the smell of flowers, languishing in bed from last night’s soothing massage, contemplating in the undisturbed solitude that surrounds each cottage, relaxing by the charming bay windows that opens into a view of nature in its entire splendor, the warm hospitality of Sonya and her staff—and other delightful discoveries that has made a stay at the B&B a unique experience for every person."
Sonya's Garden not only offers good food but also a good stay, for those who are planning to escape and get lost from the noisy world for quite sometimes or for a day or two then Sonya's Garden Garden in Tagaytay is waiting for you. The place to relax, the place to replenish your tired body and soul.

Going home with big smile,  See you again Sonya's Garden


Breakthrough Filipino Artists: The People, The Art, The Music

PART  I   Mang Inasal Shows Love with First Media and Bloggers' Night

PART II - The People, The Art, The Music
It is really nice to see people working for the progress not just for their own but for so many. Like  as what Mang Inasal  and the Project Director Chris Cahilig are doing, Saving the OPM Industry by Believing/Recognizing Filipino Artists with great talent. Eight Breakthrough Singer-Artists as I have mentioned during my previous post "they are the messenger of all genres" will fill your heart with good music from Love, rock and novelty songs.

I did a little research about these singers, and here's what I've got.

Arnee Hidalgo, Multi-awarded RnB and soul artist  the “Most Beautiful Contestant” during Voice of Asia 2002 Singing Competition which was held at Kazakhstan.. wow the voice, the beauty, the talent I say YOU GOT IT ALL .

Aries Sales, homegrown solo acoustic artist from Davao City, who has been performing professionally since he was 14 years old. He discovered his God-given talent of guitar-playing when he started joining the kid’s church band when he was 8 years old. At that very young age, somewhat secretly, Aries learned how to sing (source reverbnation) He Loves Miss Masungit  

1:43, Pop heartthrobs, a boy band in the Philippines composed of four members namely: Anjo, Gold, Kim, and Yuki. Their debut slambook-album titled "Time For Love" under MCA Music was released and became one of the the best selling albums.

Onse Tolentino, Energetic, Jolly Stand-up comedian Showbiz Correspondent of "CHISMAX" Teleradyo DZMM ABSCBN, Singer/Composer of the Novelty Song "AEIOU", Stand up Comedian from Zirkoh, Sitcom and The Library, Impersonator of Vilma Santos, Nina, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo,
Charo Santos, Vhong Navaro. I would Say IKAW NA! ang galing mo! Turaun mo kaming mag dance ng AEIOU ok.

Sheng Belmonte, Sultry pop singer, started to shine when she captured the hearts and minds of the Filipinos via the ABS CBN’s reality show “Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2” as a scholar in 2008. Sheng also does belly and pole dancing, having attended formal classes for both. She hopes to showcase these further talents with her music, just like one of her idols, Latin superstar Shakira. That's why he can make you you GIGIL with here latest song. 

Myrus  Gold record artist, the Sentimental Prince of OPM, Myrus was discovered through the social networking site Friendster by public relations entrepreneur Chris Cahilig. At the age of 20, he has made a mark in the music scene with the help of his mega hit single "sayang," a cover of a song popularized 30 years ago by Claire dela Fuente. His debut album "Love Cycle" and its repackaged version have been declared Certified Gold Record by Sony Music. And now he's now ready to tickles your heart again with his new song entitles "Anong Kailangan Kong Gawin".

Kiss Jane the Hitmaking pop band  group behind songs “Lagi” and “Baliw.” An alternative pop rock band made up of former members of the iconic rock groups Kelt’s Kross and Kitchie Nadal. With members: JAQ DIONISIO, Vocals.SHEILA ROSETE, Drums. JEFF DE CASTRO, Guitar.

Stephanie Dan  Sony Music’s acoustic gem, through her  gentle sweet charm voice  she can take you to a place full of Fireworks with no Price Tags. 

No Doubt that this Mang Aawits can soon be the face and bastion of  OPM.  Congratulations singers, Congratulations Mang Inasal!


Another SuperStar Coming your Way

           Another SuperStar Coming your Way on August 17, 2011 at 6:30 in the evening.


Guests will have the chance to meet and greet with the first Brand Ambassador 

None other than Mr. _________ himself
For Ladies in the media sector and bloggers you'll love him! 
I mean you'll love the whisky.

A Scotch whisky of rare distinction


Expert blenders have chosen 21 of the finest whiskies to include in the oak casks. The sherry casks create a richness that you will savor. The bourbon casks give the liquid just the perfect hint of woodiness and the charred casks provide the ideal level of smoothness. Finally, the refill casks produce Benmore Four Casks’s signature complexity appreciated by true Scotch whisky connoisseurs.

It offers an even more deluxe scotch whisky for greater drinking experience with smoother and more complex whisky notes which regular standard whisky can not offer.

It can be enjoyed with your friends whatever the occasions.

"As a 28-year old Account Executive / Graphic Artist / Blogger,  I'm so excited to let this whisky touch my lips and throat that goes through my heart this coming August 17 and soon share it to  fellows and to all yuppies."

This One of A Kind Whisky will be specially distributed by GLOBAL NOBLE INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION 

Have been in the business since Feb. 2003. They are the exclusive distributor of BenMore appointed by Diageo since October 2008. A Marketing and Distribution Company Selling Fine Wines and other consumer goods. 


Causes of Right Chest Pain

I'm Experiencing this some sort of pain (Not Muscle Pain)  somewhere in my right chest  for 6 days now,  I didn't take it seriously because  I thought maybe  it was just a reaction from  mild cough. I remember last 2 days ago I had a very hard headache and high fever in the morning until my nose bled. No dizziness or any another weak signs just pain and no less.


Psychological Stress
If you don't have any other medical condition that can possibly cause pain in the right side of the chest, then ponder on your lifestyle. Is it sedentary? Are you taking too much stress, both physical and psychic, may be due to your work? It is a fact, that if you have poor eating habits or you are a lazy brat, who loves to skip exercise routines, then your heart may not be functioning at its peak, leading to chest pain on the right side. Anxiety and prolonged mental stress can also lead to chest pains.

Gastritis: Gastritis is one of the most common right chest pain causes. The term gastritis implies the inflammation of the lining of the stomach. Excessive consumption of alcohol and a long term dosage of NSAID category medications, are two very prominent causes of gastritis. Gastritis may be also caused after a physical injury, involving trauma or infection by microbes such as bacteria and virus. The reason that gastritis causes right chest pain is that the stomach comes in direct contact with the lower right side of the chest. In such a condition, if the cardiac sphincter does not function properly, the acid and digestive juices from the stomach reflux towards the throat. Sometimes, the refluxed acid also reaches the esophagus, which results into symptoms such as heartburn, chronic pain, and one might also experience right chest pain when breathing. A person is suffering from flu, cough and cold, in such a condition might suffer from intense right chest pain when coughing and sneezing.

Gallbladder Diseases: Gallbladder diseases are the ones that involve some or the other problems related to the gallbladder. A gallstone is one of the most common gallbladder disease. The gallstones in maximum cases develop within the bladder. However, there have also been cases where the stones have formed inside the biliary tract, which in some cases results into right chest pain when swallowing. Gallstones have a tendency to cause immense pain, as the stones plague the inner tissues of the gallbladder. The gallbladder is located in the upper half of the stomach, that merges with the chest. The friction of the stone is a cause of right chest pain. The gallstones can be broken with medications and therapies. In some cases, surgery can also be deployed to ease the pain. In addition to gallstones, porcelain gallbladder and gallbladder infection are two probable right chest pain causes.

Liver Inflammation: Liver inflammation is caused as a result inflammatory cells. There are several causes behind the inflammation of liver, such as bacterial, viral infection, or alcohol and substance abuse. One of the common virus that causes this ailment is the Hepatitis virus. Sometimes, liver inflammation is also as result of a disorder that is named as fatty liver. This disorder is principally characterized by accumulation of triglyceride vacuoles in the liver cells and tissues. Again, this disorder is associated with excess alcohol consumption and substance abuse. The proximity of the liver to the chest is the probable explanation to right chest pain.

Digestive Tract Problems: Digestive tract problems also result into right chest pain. Some of the common right chest pain causes include, gastroesophageal reflux disease and food blockage. Many a times, acid reflux is also responsible for right chest pain when breathing. Acid reflux may also at times result into heartburn.

Related Right Chest Pain Symptoms
There are several physical symptoms that one might experience, as a result of right side chest pain.
  • Burning sensation behind the breastbone and within the chest
  • Taste of reflux in the mouth
  • Troubled swallowing
  • Right chest pain while changing the position of the body
  • Right chest pain when breathing, especially when one is lying down
Source: Buzzle.com




    La Boca Doce was established by a group of Culinary Students that shares a dream in "Serving Great and Delicious Food by not costing much" like in Hotels and other Fine dinning Restaurant. As you go inside the restaurant you will immediately notice the green motif and good ambience of the place. 

    It is a casual-dinning restaurant that serves 5 star recipes. The Chef who cooks your food will be the one who will get your orders and politely take you through their menu. So that you will be informed appropriately of their dish from their tasty finger food appetizers (chicken bread rolls, Spicy potato rolls, Gambas ala plantsa, etc.)

    Through their mouth watering sandwiches, pasta (with a sauce of your choice serve w/ toasted garlic bread), entre (Beef, Pork, Chicken, Fish serve w/ rice of your choice or pasta) and their sweets that you will eat your heart out as you taste it! Plus! their weekly SPECIAL CHEF's MENU that will surely explore your pallets in their CHEFS OWN RECIPES..

    With their competitive chefs that will surely satisfy your taste buds. I’m sure that La Boca Doce Restaurant will not be a typical casual-dinning restaurant, but, a great establishment that will be known and make a noise around the metro.

    For Catering you may call them at 02.7516494
    or Like them on facebook

    Blog Contributor: Mj Lacson Bucoy


    Free Gift Check


    Free Gift Check Courtesy of _______ Boutique

    Have you ever had this kind of experience?  wherein someone from out of nowhere texted you saying: Congratulations Sir________ you won Gift Certificate courtesy of blah blah foundation. And you can claim it tomorrow at this time at (location) look for Ms. Chaka N. Ambisyos.

    At first you'll wander where did they get your number and how? maybe from a bank or a survey  company.

    That is the work of most telemarketer agents/company. They will send you message or even call your office line just to inform you this shall I say "Fake Information". And take note guys, they will  text you from time to time and even call you to your mobile phone just to give you direction when you say YES I'LL TAKE THAT GC!


    Then right at the doorstep of the said office they will offer you a bunch of PLANS: Healthcare and whatever policy that they can offer to you, you can't even breathe or blink your eyes dealing with these sales personnel. For me they are so annoying.

    I'm Just sharing this because I had this kind of experience last year and a while ago I got a call again. The only words I remember  telling to the telemarketer, Shut up Ms. .... Stop doing stupid things! (hahaha ang taray!)


    Mang Inasal Shows Love with First Media and Bloggers' Night

    August 1, 2011 an evening  filled with FUN and Surprises, as Mang Inasal held its first ever Media and Bloggers' Night at TEATRINO in Promenade, Greenhills, Mang Inasal held this event to celebrate the launching of its newest campaign: I LOVE MANG INASAL, a look back into the reason why we Filipinos have fallen in love with this brand, a  look forward to bigger things to come.

    Mang Inasal invited friends from Media and well-known bloggers including myself to a night of fun events, games and the launch of the brand's main marketing campaign, two more reasons to love Mang Inasal: the MANG AAWIT PROJECT, and the GRAND GADGET GIVE-AWAY; and the announcement of its 400th store opening on August 5, at the Vmall Carpark in Greenhills. Two lucky audience members also walked away with brand new ASUS Eee Pad Transformer and one of them is Vincent a blogger.

    The Mang Aawit Project is Mang Inasal's way of enriching the OPM scene, The Project aims to aid eight deserving artists music grants and exposure to a wider audience as Mang Inasal shows its support for OPM. 
    ASUS Eee Pad Transformer
     The Grand Gadget Giveaway is a promotion which raffles off ASUS Eee pad Transformer and special  I  LOVE MANG INASAL USB Ballers everyday. To join, a customer simply has to purchase 250 pesos worth of product from Mang Inasal and they have a good chance to be lucky winner everyday of the month of August.

    Registration began at 4:30 in the afternoon, followed by an hour of fun and exciting events such as the Rock Band challenge where members of the audience held their own concerts onstage while playing to the music of rock Band 2, The Beatles, and Guitar Hero. At 6PM , the program proper began with the welcome message from Mr. Gil P. Abela, General  Manager of Mang Inasal. Following him was Mr. Enri Ruiz, Marketing Manager who gave a talk about how loving Mang Inasal was the same as Loving Philippines. And lastly, he was joined by Mr. Chris Cahilig, Program director of the Mang Inasal Mang Aawit project as they introduced the eight artists that would become the Mang Inasal Mang Aawits.

    Mang Inasal expresses love for OPM, kicks off music advocacy program

    The project dubbed as the “Mang Inasal Mang Aawit Music Advocacy Program” aims to preserve and enrich the local music scene by providing new and original songs that reflect Filipino sentiments, values, and spirit an avenue to be heard.

    Here are the eight Breakthrough artists. The Mang Inasal Mang Aawit

    Acoustic singer-composer Aries Sales from Davao City. One of His many good songs is "Miss Masungit" 

      Multi-awarded RnB and soul artist Arnee Hidalgo who is releasing a comeback album soon
      Hitmaking pop band Kiss Jane, the group behind songs “Lagi” and “Baliw.”

      Gold record artist, and staunch OPM advocate Myrus whose launching his second all-original album in September

      Pop heartthrobs 1:43 whose debut recording titled “Time for Love” remains on the bestselling album chart for months now

    Stand-up comedian and radio host Onse of DZMM Teleradyo

      Sultry pop singer and Pinoy Dream Academy scholar Sheng Belmonte whose latest single “Gigil” is now a radio hit

      Sony Music’s acoustic gem Stephanie Dan

    Messenger of all Genres! You'll surely love them as they  showcase what Filipino talent means. They have the charm and true star factor that will fonder your HEART and gives smile to your face. Acoustic singers that will tickle your heart, Balladeer who will play your emotions, and Rock Band that can jam with you if you feel like party.

    “Mang Inasal loves Filipino culture and music, especially our very own OPM. We believe that helping promote our own brand of music and artists is a part of our responsibility as a corporate citizen,” explains Mang Inasal Marketing Manager Enri Luzuriaga.

    “Giving our new artists their much-deserved break is an inherent value to Mang Inasal. We as a company has also a humble before becoming one of the biggest fastfood chains in Philippines today,” adds Luzuriaga.

    Mang Inasal Mang Aawit will be funding the recording of two promotional songs for every artist and the production of one music video that will be played heavily in close to 400 Mang Inasal stores nationwide. A compilation album of all these original songs will also be released within the year.

    “The Mang Inasal Mang Aawit music advocacy program comes at a time when OPM needs it the most. It is one big step to reviving our local music industry that was what was once the most influential in Asia,” related Mang Aawit Project Director Chris Cahilig.

    Chris Cahilig, Project Director
    “I have no doubt that many of the eight breakthrough artists will soon become the most prominent OPM artists. And it would be good to remember in the future that they all started from Mang Inasal Mang Aawit,” adds Cahilig.



    You may visit mang inasal at http://www.manginasal.com/mi/

    Mang Inasal Grand Gadget Give-away

    To all Mang Inasal Fanatics and fanatic to be, it's your chance to win Laptop and Mang Inasal Ballers all you have to do is EAT and EAT then WIN. Just as easy as that!  read promo mechanics below. or visit and like them on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/MangInasalPhilippines


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