Free Gift Check


Free Gift Check Courtesy of _______ Boutique

Have you ever had this kind of experience?  wherein someone from out of nowhere texted you saying: Congratulations Sir________ you won Gift Certificate courtesy of blah blah foundation. And you can claim it tomorrow at this time at (location) look for Ms. Chaka N. Ambisyos.

At first you'll wander where did they get your number and how? maybe from a bank or a survey  company.

That is the work of most telemarketer agents/company. They will send you message or even call your office line just to inform you this shall I say "Fake Information". And take note guys, they will  text you from time to time and even call you to your mobile phone just to give you direction when you say YES I'LL TAKE THAT GC!


Then right at the doorstep of the said office they will offer you a bunch of PLANS: Healthcare and whatever policy that they can offer to you, you can't even breathe or blink your eyes dealing with these sales personnel. For me they are so annoying.

I'm Just sharing this because I had this kind of experience last year and a while ago I got a call again. The only words I remember  telling to the telemarketer, Shut up Ms. .... Stop doing stupid things! (hahaha ang taray!)

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