If There's A Will, There's A Way

For Heroes in Baguio City they have just justified what is the meaning of this line "If There's A Will, There's A Way". No matter how bad the weather is,  if you are willing to do something for the good of the many "yes" you can really do it. Hundreds of heroes made it possible as Pusong Pinoy held their first ever run for a cause called the PUSONG PINOY HEROES' RUN happened last August 28, 2011 at Burnham Park. 
Photo by: Mary Christine P Dulnuan (Pusong Pinoy runner)

Runners from all walks of life shows their support, conquers the typhoon with smiles and pride. The event started at 5:00 am, the coldest morning I've experienced, strong winds, fogs and heavy rain kisses the streets of Baguio pushes the runners and organizers to go away to leave the place, but everyone are all geared up with courage to run for a good cause.

Through the help of so many heroes and superheroes  across the globe, and of course with the full effort and force of  Baguio Benguet Team headed by: Team Leaders Ning Doble, Adi Lappao, Byd Nalibsan Bawayan, Jenny Soriano Oliva, Majoy Toyaoan-Lumiwes and  Joanne Suyam and hundreds of volunteers made it possible for every hero who wants to make a difference. And also through the big help of COOL CITY Baguio. 

City Team Leader, Team Leader and Vice Team Leader  from Hongkong and Manila were present cheering up their support as well.  

After the HEROES' Run,  although some registrants weren't able to claim their breakfast so the PP Superheroes and the Dawn to Dusk HEROES went to the Baguio General Hospital to give them to the sick. Pusong Pinoy were able to feed hundreds of patients in one day.

CTL HONGKONG Angel Martinez
Manila Core Team Leader Susan Chua
True enough if you have the heart to help others you can do everything whatever, wherever or whenever it is.

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