Pusong Pinoy CHILDREN FIRST International Photography Exhibition


Before you submit your photos be sure that you're already a member of Pusong Pinoy, how to become a member? it's simple, just like them on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/PusongPinoy.org and learn more.

Pusong Pinoy is asking ALL professional and amateur photographers, Heroes and PP Superheroes to submit images which will help us to tell the Pusong Pinoy story and raise awareness of its cause. Sharing your photographs will help us to further our cause – to help eradicate poverty through the improvement of literacy for Filipino children.


It will join others in a selection process. If selected, your photo will be printed to A3 size and exhibited in the Pusong Pinoy “Children First” International exhibition in Edinburgh. Your valuable contribution will be acknowledged. You retain copyright.


We are looking for photos which illustrate Filipino child poverty as well as the positive actions that Pusong Pinoy has taken to alleviate it. Here are some ideas on which photos will qualify for exhibition consideration.

-  Pusong Pinoy: the beginning (how it all began)
-  Donors with collected books
-  Book drives (books being collected at events, in cars, in garages, etc.)
-  Mobile or transportable libraries / reading centers (ex. BOOKlatan sa Taal, Baclayon’s Books on  Wheels, De La Salle Book Mobile Reading Program)
-  Boxes being shipped
-  Reading programs showing shelves or crates of books, volunteers and children
-  A volunteer reading a story to a child
-  Kids reading
-  Recipients themselves showing different kinds of emotions
-  Scholars at De La Salle Lipa
-  Turnovers of books, school supplies, Christmas packs, food to recipients in the Philippines
-  Christmas project (Pamaskong Pusong Pinoy)
-  Birthday blowout
-  Kids eating, reading, listening to storytelling
-  Kids happily inspecting their goody bags School supply distribution
-  Pictures of sad kids, or happy kids in a sad background.
-  PP Superheroes working
-  PP Superheroes delivering packages


- The Philippines
- Poverty in the Philippines

- Filipino childhood
- Filipino kids at play
- Filipino life street life in the Philippines
- Learning in the Philippines
- Children’s successes

- PP work- making a difference
- The work of recipient organizations


If you feel that you have strong images, please get in touch with Pusong Pinoy, through any PP Superhero, via Facebook, or email your entries directly to:

Douglas Inness (PPC Link)
Scottish Pusong Pinoy Coordinator
Email address: douglasinness123@btinternet.com

We prefer the original photo files from your hard drives. Jpegs are fine. This ensures the best quality for printing. Photos posted on Facebook are reduced in size, decreasing their resolution. To ensure that we get the best quality photos, please email the photos in their original sizes. Of course, if you have a great image, just get in touch!

PLEASE VISIT  https://www.facebook.com/PusongPinoy.org


The New Face of Facebook

Is it true that Facebook is at war with some subscribers for some major reasons?

1.  FB created a pane on the side bar, same "looks"  like the twitter real time posting has where you can see updates scrolling every second counts.

2. The  left side bar of the home page was added couple of lists like the location, school, family and etc. In the google+ they set it as "Circles"

3. The update box turned into almost the same as the google+ where you can add location and choose a group or friends who can only read your post.

4. When you upload photos the system will automatically arrange them into a set card or  grid type,  some are still in loved with the previous version way, but for me I like it.

Personally I like this new format this is more interactive, well engineered and well planned. but the only thing that I believe that's gone is the "uniqueness. Well, this 6-year old networking site is evolving willing to show to the world what is the meaning of endless POSSIBILITIES.

Read more at http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/technology-blog/future-facebook-profile-pages-timeline-005820123.html


The Sense of Adsense

Worth it to do blogging while you earn from it.  I just had my second paycheck  from google fresh from the US with additional information attached. Am I quite well with viral posting and blasting huh? I guess yes! and thank you readers for the ratings and supporting the ads posted here.

Proven that you don't have to post everyday, the only thing that you need to secure is that you have to HAVE better PR and good e-marketing strategy, although daily posting helps. 

I learned that food blogs, events, movies, showbiz and promotions including travel, these are the top blogs that will surely help you boost your AdSense (from my point of views). I just don't get it why my graphic design post made it to number 2 hot spot hmmm sounds amazing.  I am doing an integrated blogging putting 3 to 4 niches in one box and labeling my topic according to its supposed niche does matter.               

Thanks Google! 


The 14th annual Cine Europa - Free Admission

Check this out!
The 14th annual Cine Europa at the Shangri-la Plaza Mall on September 9 - 18, 2011 

Screening Schedule:

Sept. 9 (Fri)
12pm-Little Robbers
3pm-Long Weekend
6pm-Letter to America

Sept. 10 (Sat)
12pm-The Escape
6pm-An Ordinary Execution

Sept. 11 (Sun)
12pm-Little Greek Godfather
3pm-The Lark Farm
6pm-The Silent Army

Sept. 12 (Mon)
3pm-Mosquitoe's Tango
9pm-How About Love

Sept. 13 (Tue)
12pm-Never Let Me Go
3pm-Little Robbers
6pm-Long Weekend
9pm-Letter to America

Sept. 14 (Wed)
12pm-The Silent Army
3pm-The Escape
9pm-An Ordinary Execution

Sept. 15 (Thu)
3pm-Little Greek Godfather
6pm-The Lark Farm
9pm-The Silent Army

Sept. 16 (Fri)
3pm-Mosquitoe's Tango

Sept. 17 (Sat)
12pm-How About Love
3pm-Never Let Me Go
6pm-Little Greek Godfather
9pm-Long Weekend

Sept. 18 (Sun)
12pm-Letter to America
6pm-The Escape

Seats are on a first come, first-served basis.



Another Night With BenMore Four Casks Scotch Whisky

Another enjoyable experience for all bloggers who made it to the event held at the Wine Museum in Pasay City last September 6, 2011.

Mr. Edwin Ong (Global Noble International Corp. CEO), Yours truly  and the Brand Ambassador Borgy Manotoc

With the Brand Ambassador Borgy Manotoc for BenMore Four Casks Scotch Whisky
Global Noble International Corporation and people from Pinoy Social Media Group celebrated its partnership in improving awareness/publicity about the whisky brand the BenMore Four Casks Scotch Whisky, which is now available in all leading supermarkets and wine stores nationwide. 

The entertaining night was opened by Mr. Ariel Broncano the Mr. Celebrity guy of GNI together with the man behind the successful Global Noble International Corporaton, the Gorgeous CEO Mr. Edwin Ong himself, followed by another gorgeous and BenMore's Brand Ambassador Mr. Borgy Manotoc. No questions remain unanswered as bloggers were all packed up with questions while Mr. Ong and Manotoc are knowledgeable enough about the product from TRUST, LOVE and EXPERIENCES. 

By the way it was a night of down pouring giveaways and good food courtesy of Global Noble International Corporation.

BenMore is not only promoting the product itself but also promoting responsible drinking. That's why BenMore created its very informative website the www.benmorescotchwhisky.com and this will be up and running in your searchable web engines anytime this September, where you can see the activities of the brand ambassador, videos and brand updates. 

Watch out for the BenMore's team who will be visiting from province to province for the product testing.  Mind me guys don't you dare trying this kind of whisky because the moment your lips and body savor its  spirit it's irresistible you'll definitely ask for MORE and MORE. Why? (see instruction below)

GNI's CEO Mr. Edwin Ong, Rhon DelosAngeles of purpleandhue.com with Borgy Manotoc

Lady Bloggers enjoying their Whisky with Iced Tea

The Star of the night The BenMore Four Casks Scotch Whisky.
Special thanks to the very energetic, beautiful and charming Marketing Lady of Global Noble International Corporation Ms. Jane Tio and to the entire group.

Cheers BenMore...  Cheers!

Click here to know why BenMore Four Casks Scotch Whisky  is irresistible.

I would also like to thank www.purpleandhue.com for the photos.


I Love Milkita

Some people say that Lollipop is only for KIDS and awkward to see adults eating some, but for me it's a big NO, Most especially if it is MILKITA LOLLIPOP, Although the target market of this product are the kids.

Last time I brought a pack of MILKITA in the office, I thought I was the only one who love this kind of Lollipop. When I opened one piece our accountant reacted and almost shout  "OH IT'S MILKITA!" I was amazed how this kind of lollipops are known to mothers.

What I like most about Milkita Lollipop is the Packaging, very well sealed but easy to open. You can really see how safe you are when you buy this kind of Lollipop as far as your health is concerned.  It has flavors that suits to everyone's taste buds. Personally I like Chocolate, Melon and Strawberry Flavor, I like all the flavors though, but the earlier mentioned were my favorites.

I remember a year ago I was only watching Judy Ann Santos endorsing Milkita, then today, it's like it's my turn now promoting Milkita to everyone. And yes worth it to promote to all my readers to grab some MILKITA when you go to grocery stores and have it present whenever your entire family are watching TV or  put it in your  children's pocket when going to school.

Chocolate Flavor

Melon Flavor

 Strawberry Flavor

MILKITA is the only candy and lollipop products made with real milk. Infact eating 3 pieces of lollipops is equivalent to one glass of milk.

Milkita is exclusively distributed by "Global Noble International" here in the Philippines.

Top Ten Emerging Influential Blogs for 2011

Not Everyone can become a good Blogger, but a good Blogger can come from anywhere!

In blogging we are not only sharing news and everything under the sun but also we learn everything from what we share. Here are my chosen links for the Top Ten Influential Blogs for this Year. I chose them simply because I like their purposes and strategies

1. http://pusongpinoy.org/ :  It's not just a Blog but it has a big impact in Social Responsibility world.

A group of family and friends wanting to make a difference, one book at a time. Since its inception in 2009, Pusong Pinoy became a force of over 32,000 HEROES worldwide via Facebook trying to make a difference - one book, one meal, one piece of clothing at a time. Our mission is to provide assistance to organizations in the Philippines that have effective programs designed to help marginalized kids learn and appreciate reading by donating used books to their cause. It is our hope that this site would inspire others to open their hearts and help make a difference in these children's lives. Today, we begin by collecting books and donating food items but perhaps someday we can do more. Let this be our means to pay it forward and give back to our country we love so dearly. "Pagtanaw sa pinanggalingan upang makatulong sa kinabukasan" - yan ang Pusong Pinoy.

2. http://www.lizmoneyweb.com/ : Educating people how to make money online anytime anywhere.

3. http://astig316.blogspot.com/: A blog mainly for events and gathering.

4. http://kwentototo.blogspot.com/ : Also a blog about events

5. www.me-thing.blogspot.com: It's an Integrated blogging, putting 3 to for niches in one box and also promoting social responsibility.

6. http://www.certifiedfoodies.com/  : A blog for people who love food, Passion for Food, Freebies and Contests.

7. http://networkedblogs.com/lwBxG (icp-Pinoy) : Showing the mode/ways of life of the modern Filipino, owned by Mr. Wally Gozar of MAVERICK COMMUNICATION INC.

8. http://www.pilipinasjamsession.com/: Promoting and featuring Filipino Artists (esp. singers/bands) philippines wide, by Posting schedules with viral links and more.

9. http://www.pinoyadventurista.com/ : Showcasing the beauty of the Philippines whenever, wherever HE (blogger) goes.

10. http://www.runawayblogger.com/: Promoting events, fashion, culture, tourism and more.

Good Luck to all bloggers and let us keep the flame burning, let's share the good ideas to the world.

This writing project is supported by the following sponsors: Cyber Monday Deals, TRIbeca Private Residences, How To Videos, Palawan Beaches for Sale,Green and Natural Lubes Philippines, Philippine data center, Philippine online shopping, Singapore Jobs, Pinoy Party Food, Apartment for rent, and Best deals tips.


50's Diner: My Super Burger Encounter

50's Diner Baguio City . My Super Burger encounter

A simple Lunch and get-together with my friends at 50's Diner in Baguio City. One night before the bonding time, my friend asked me if I love burger, then I said YES without blinking my eyes because I really wanna see what's 50's Diner is.

The restaurant isn't that huge, but they can accommodate for approximately 60 to 100 heads per dining. I can see people waiting outside for their turn to get in.  We were seven then so we didn't wait for our turn for so long. I was seated near the counter area because I was trying to figure out the design of the place  from the kitchen all the way to the doorway and I got it right what was puzzling on my head. Their wall filled with photos/poster  of the1950's popular singers, like Elvies Presley, Marilyn Monroe and more.

The photos below shows how great encounter it was during our get-together at the said restaurant.

My Juicy Giant Burger. So Yummy. So Delicious!!!

My friends Ralph and Byd amazingly doing their 3 kinds of acting in front of their giant sandwiches.

The table is complete with happy friends and perfect food.
from left: Ralph, Byd, Majoy, Ms. Ning, Joanne, Jenny and Myself.



Yours truly and my friends: Ralph, Ms. Ningning Doble and Jenny

A week ago, My Friends and I went to Baguio City for an Event (PUSONG PINOY HEROES RUN) held at the Burnham Park. The most memorable experience ever had. It was a week where typhoon Mina also had her Vacation at the said city.  Our Team leaders and coordinators booked us at Reyalta Inn, a place where we found our little way of peace and relaxation.

Reyalta Inn is a typical Filipino "hotel like" house where they accommodate tourists both foreign and locals.  It's like a big house with common living room with veranda where you can standby and relax, or if you are a smoker yes you can use the area I believe. And there's this room  beside the bar where I liked the most, though we didn't have the chance to use it but I find it cozy and clean it's the KTV room.

Walking distance from SM,  and the famous Session Road and if you're a burger lover it's also a walking distance to the famous 50's diners near the Pink Sisters Convent. 

So I must say thanks Reyalta for giving us a good stay,  Also I wanna thank Mary Chris for the excellent assistance.  - see you when I see you, Till next vacation.

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