50's Diner: My Super Burger Encounter

50's Diner Baguio City . My Super Burger encounter

A simple Lunch and get-together with my friends at 50's Diner in Baguio City. One night before the bonding time, my friend asked me if I love burger, then I said YES without blinking my eyes because I really wanna see what's 50's Diner is.

The restaurant isn't that huge, but they can accommodate for approximately 60 to 100 heads per dining. I can see people waiting outside for their turn to get in.  We were seven then so we didn't wait for our turn for so long. I was seated near the counter area because I was trying to figure out the design of the place  from the kitchen all the way to the doorway and I got it right what was puzzling on my head. Their wall filled with photos/poster  of the1950's popular singers, like Elvies Presley, Marilyn Monroe and more.

The photos below shows how great encounter it was during our get-together at the said restaurant.

My Juicy Giant Burger. So Yummy. So Delicious!!!

My friends Ralph and Byd amazingly doing their 3 kinds of acting in front of their giant sandwiches.

The table is complete with happy friends and perfect food.
from left: Ralph, Byd, Majoy, Ms. Ning, Joanne, Jenny and Myself.

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