Yours truly and my friends: Ralph, Ms. Ningning Doble and Jenny

A week ago, My Friends and I went to Baguio City for an Event (PUSONG PINOY HEROES RUN) held at the Burnham Park. The most memorable experience ever had. It was a week where typhoon Mina also had her Vacation at the said city.  Our Team leaders and coordinators booked us at Reyalta Inn, a place where we found our little way of peace and relaxation.

Reyalta Inn is a typical Filipino "hotel like" house where they accommodate tourists both foreign and locals.  It's like a big house with common living room with veranda where you can standby and relax, or if you are a smoker yes you can use the area I believe. And there's this room  beside the bar where I liked the most, though we didn't have the chance to use it but I find it cozy and clean it's the KTV room.

Walking distance from SM,  and the famous Session Road and if you're a burger lover it's also a walking distance to the famous 50's diners near the Pink Sisters Convent. 

So I must say thanks Reyalta for giving us a good stay,  Also I wanna thank Mary Chris for the excellent assistance.  - see you when I see you, Till next vacation.


  1. Hi. Do you have a celfone or landline number of Reyalta Inn? am thinking of staying there based on your write up.

    1. Hi there I found these numbers on their fb page try to check

      (074) 424 2548
      (63) 927 3519252



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