Life from UP and Down Under

BORACAY -  A great vacation and relaxation, together with my friends.  It was my first time having a simple yet kinda romantic vacation in the said island. We stayed at one of the hotels in station 2 for three days. I have three memorable experiences to share.

1.  During the landing of the plane in Kalibo International Airport I was amazingly staring at the window with my camera ready to take some birds eye view shots, I was so surprised when I saw a green field from above mid air like farm ville  so fresh to my eyes, so calm and I can even feel the simplicity of life. 

2.  Island hopping, like most visitors / tourists do when in Boracay,  we did our group date Island hopping, we were able to visit from one island to another, swim and play with the colorful fishes in some of the undestroyed Islands. 

3. Walking Under The Sea, we spent 15 minutes down under interacting with some sea creatures  face to face, feeding them like  cheerful babies. There's this one thing I observed some corals are dying and  destroyed, why? because of the high number of curious visitors diving in one day (just in one spot/place) .. (sigh)

Overall  the Island is still awesome, and offers unlimited happiness.

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