Special Date With Diana

From Left: DJ Diego Bandido (Yes FM) and DJ Cheska San Diego (Radio Natin FM),
Yours truly and Daiana Menezes ( dancing Shembot). 

Part 2 of 3

Part 2
Special Date With Diana Stalder: Mall Tour at Tutuban Mall
As part of the Skin Care Clinic's 15th Anniversary, Diana Stalder is conducting a series of mall tour from Metro Manila to as far as Calamba and Lucena City. Last week 19th of November, they held their mall tour at the Tutuban Mall in Manila. Tibo of PBB (Endorser)  serenaded the crowd while  the sexy-beautiful Daiana Menezes ( Endorser) led the hot sexy but wholesome entertaining games.  Of course with the special participation of: Iyaz kamiaz and Tonton Tomato of Radio Natin FM and Blank Tape.  The successful event was hosted by the The Bibong-bibo  Dj Diego Bandido of Yes FM with  the Beautiful and charming partner Dj Cheska San Diego of Radio Natin FM.
DJ Cheska San Diego and Diego Bandido

Iyaz Kamiaz and Tonton Tomato of Radio Natin FM

Blank Tape

Tibo Jumalon of PBB with DJs Cheska and Diego Bandido

Diana Menezes and the lucky audience dancing Shembot

 Video Courtesy ofhttp://www.deiville.info/ 

It was an afternoon full of entertainment and down pouring giveaways, DJs Diego and Cheska were great hosts, Daiana Menezes and Tibo Jumalon are amazingly professional artists.  Of course the event was made possible by Diana Stalder's Team, congratulations guys and Happy 15th Anniversary Diana Stalder by Dermaline

Thank you Joey Miguel of Diana Stalder for the photos.

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