Home Mavericks: A Destination for Design

Think global. Sell local. A brazen and ambitious manifesto for a furniture store – and one by which Home Mavericks proudly stands by. 

The home furnishings and pieces on display in their showroom along Arnaiz Ave. (across New World Hotel) are exclusively Cebu-made and typically end up in the living spaces of design-savvy New Yorkers and Londoners. Quite often, the stamp of “world-class quality” associated with Cebu furniture pieces has become synonymous with being “for export only”. But Home Mavericks begs to differ: high-quality Filipino design should also make their way to Filipino homes, not bypass them. It’s an honest bid to democratize design, and an inspired way to celebrate Filipino ingenuity and craftsmanship.
Imagine coming home to your loft in Rockwell or The Fort after a hectic day and sitting back on a chaise lounge that you’d normally find in a West Elm or Ralph Pucci outlet in New York. Smiling, you close your eyes, adrift in domestic bliss. Priceless moments like this are what the folks behind Home Mavericks strongly feel that Filipinos are entitled to enjoy. 


Mt. Pinatubo with the Happy Team

This is my first ever adventure with the happy team, The TEAM INJURY,   A 4x4 ride for more  than 18 kilometres and trekking going to the crater that takes you for about one and a half hour or two, same way going back to the city was amazing. 

It was indeed another one of the best journeys I've had, the great memories together with new found friends is priceless. I am looking forward for more adventures with them. Gracias! 

With our new Found French Friend Veronique  and the local tour guides.

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Greenfield District

Enjoy vibrant street life, savor new flavors, and dine amidst the greens at the Hub in Greenfield.

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Anong Say mo?

I think I'm kinda excited for greenfield's evolution, where shopping and indulgence can be found in one green place alone called Greenfield District. Expect more this 2012 as they unveil its new face to the  public. Watch out for the opening of THE HUB where for sure this would be perfect for coffee, tea, fashions and gadget lovers.


Practical Surprises That Gives Comfort

Have you ever imagined this,  going home in the evening after your tough and busy schedule in the office and no one is available to make you feel more comfortable and the only place in your house that you can seek rest is your bed room? or oppositely Just simply waking up in the morning with some back pains because of the mattress or foam you are  using?

The good news is here, URATEX  is extremely in focus to give you MORE than what you deserve, making you feel LUCKY every time you wake up in the morning.

"Everyone desires a good night’s sleep, which is helpful to everybody because it helps us recharge our tired bodies after a hard day’s work. And this is where the Uratex Premium Mattress line comes in, with products like Premium Touch Cozy Latex, Premium Touch Viscoluxe Memory, and Purifoam."

Purifoam mattress

Therapoint mattress

Trapunto mattress

Uratex really gives you MORE meaning to life from colorful microwaveable containers, attractive kiddy design mattress for kids up to a celebrity-style mattress that fits your personality.   


The New Quezon City Memorial Circle

Eat, Shop, Amuse and Stroll

We've just obeyed our thirst of indulgence while amusing ourselves strolling along Quezon City Memorial Circle.

December 30, 2011 a night before New Year's Eve, My friend and I experienced this super extraordinary bonding with the enticing mixed street  and home made foods like Isaw, Barbeque, Siomai, Maki, Puto Bumbong, and a lot more.

While waiting for the 20 minutes firework show we've decided do some window shopping at the Tiangge from stall to stall but food tripping  is our main objective funny isn't it? It's like a night market in Bangkok with sections for foods and dry goods.

My friend Dang Rapio's enjoying her food trips and scouting nice shirts

Our so-called friends and stars of the night

 Mingling with the savory street foods was awesome!

I believe we were just lucky then, we didn't experience the rides we just let the other kids to do their part.

The best thing about Quezon City Memorial Circle is the "cleanliness", the place is new and fresh! A good environment  for family and no longer for dark business as we often heard before. Proud to say it is now more fun in Quezon City Memorial Circle.


6th Spring Film Festival

Another exciting Film festival coming out this January 20-29, 2012 at Shangri-la Plaza mall, all movies are for FREE. This film fest will surely satisfies your taste for Asian movies.

Ocean Heaven is a family drama which features a father- Sam Wang (played by Jet Li), who is solely taking care of his autistic child- Dafu. Wang finds out that he has liver cancer and has a few days to live. Not only does Wang have to cope with his own suffering and impending death, he also has to deal with the heartache of leaving Dafu with no immediate family. This heartwarming film shows the challenges of being a single parent and how parents, even on their last days, would do anything just to ensure the safety and happiness of their children. 

Confucius, known as the “Great Sage”, lived during the time when China’s dynasties were in chaos and engulfed by corruption and greed. He strongly believed that ethics and education will put all things to order. His wisdom was sought by different dynasty leaders but only to be abandoned after he dutifully served his purpose. The world knows so much of his teachings, but little is known of his hardships. This biographical drama shows the sufferings and pain Confucius endured and the principles he fervently kept that became the foundation of China’s ethics, morality and law. Starring Chow Yun-Fat as Confucius, Nominated for Best Actor at the 30th Hong Kong Film Awards. Other nominations include Best Cinematography,Art Design,Costume Design and Original Song.

It's More Fun In The Philippines

My thoughts on this

YES of course it is more fun to be here! We just have to believe that it is. Bunch of negative comments from the public on this campaign from questions of originality to colors and standing, but for me, why give a damn negative vibes? why don't we just help our country by making it into a real "reality".

Let's not focus on the LOGO or campaign, let's focus on the "WORDS" itself. It's more fun because our country has a lot to offer,  showcasing unique / authentic beauty of its land.  This is now our time as individual to move forward with action and with fun to show to the world that it is indeed more Fun to visit our country. And to make it more attractive, this begins to ourselves.

Look at this photo below, this is not in Rome or elsewhere, this is just located in the beautiful town of TAAL a two and a half hour drive away from the metro.


No matter what kind of logo/campaign we have, no matter  if it's WOW or KAY GANDA,  if we don't support this,  it wont work for a better Philippines.


The Best Paradise

December 31, 2011 at five in the afternoon, an encounter with the happy angels at Cottolengo Filipino in Rodriguez Rizal, a center for  the most poor, abandoned, neglected  and surrendered persons with disabilities.

For me, Cottolengo is a silent paradise for fellows like them, we are amazed by how these happy kids live here, though majority of them can't talk but you can feel and hear it from their eyes and happy faces what they want to express.

Myself and Dang together with happy bro

Ms. Bedette Villanueva and Michael

With Jessie
They all (100+) came from a very dark story, but through the help of the good people with big heart around them they were able to see the light they deserve and feel the equality in this world.

"They need our time" I want to do my share, one of these days I will visit them back, render my entire day playing with them and do what I can to make them feel more what is LIFE.

For those who want to help Cottolengo, you may contact the center at Telefax: 9423010
Gloria Vista Subdivision, Rolling Hills San Rafael, 1860 Rizal.
or email them at cottolengofdp@yahoo.com.ph

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