The Best Paradise

December 31, 2011 at five in the afternoon, an encounter with the happy angels at Cottolengo Filipino in Rodriguez Rizal, a center for  the most poor, abandoned, neglected  and surrendered persons with disabilities.

For me, Cottolengo is a silent paradise for fellows like them, we are amazed by how these happy kids live here, though majority of them can't talk but you can feel and hear it from their eyes and happy faces what they want to express.

Myself and Dang together with happy bro

Ms. Bedette Villanueva and Michael

With Jessie
They all (100+) came from a very dark story, but through the help of the good people with big heart around them they were able to see the light they deserve and feel the equality in this world.

"They need our time" I want to do my share, one of these days I will visit them back, render my entire day playing with them and do what I can to make them feel more what is LIFE.

For those who want to help Cottolengo, you may contact the center at Telefax: 9423010
Gloria Vista Subdivision, Rolling Hills San Rafael, 1860 Rizal.
or email them at cottolengofdp@yahoo.com.ph

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