It's More Fun In The Philippines

My thoughts on this

YES of course it is more fun to be here! We just have to believe that it is. Bunch of negative comments from the public on this campaign from questions of originality to colors and standing, but for me, why give a damn negative vibes? why don't we just help our country by making it into a real "reality".

Let's not focus on the LOGO or campaign, let's focus on the "WORDS" itself. It's more fun because our country has a lot to offer,  showcasing unique / authentic beauty of its land.  This is now our time as individual to move forward with action and with fun to show to the world that it is indeed more Fun to visit our country. And to make it more attractive, this begins to ourselves.

Look at this photo below, this is not in Rome or elsewhere, this is just located in the beautiful town of TAAL a two and a half hour drive away from the metro.


No matter what kind of logo/campaign we have, no matter  if it's WOW or KAY GANDA,  if we don't support this,  it wont work for a better Philippines.

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