The New Quezon City Memorial Circle

Eat, Shop, Amuse and Stroll

We've just obeyed our thirst of indulgence while amusing ourselves strolling along Quezon City Memorial Circle.

December 30, 2011 a night before New Year's Eve, My friend and I experienced this super extraordinary bonding with the enticing mixed street  and home made foods like Isaw, Barbeque, Siomai, Maki, Puto Bumbong, and a lot more.

While waiting for the 20 minutes firework show we've decided do some window shopping at the Tiangge from stall to stall but food tripping  is our main objective funny isn't it? It's like a night market in Bangkok with sections for foods and dry goods.

My friend Dang Rapio's enjoying her food trips and scouting nice shirts

Our so-called friends and stars of the night

 Mingling with the savory street foods was awesome!

I believe we were just lucky then, we didn't experience the rides we just let the other kids to do their part.

The best thing about Quezon City Memorial Circle is the "cleanliness", the place is new and fresh! A good environment  for family and no longer for dark business as we often heard before. Proud to say it is now more fun in Quezon City Memorial Circle.


  1. That is a nice place, we went there too. I believe this doesn't occur everyday, only on selected days XD

    1. Hi Boris, Yes the festive style event happens only if there are occasions. I just love the place now, the other face of the Circle. :)

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