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Are you Sexier, Braver and Smarter enough? if so, then show what you’ve got, take the test now!  TAKE THE TEST aims to make HIV testing accessible to everyone and promoting responsibility and social concern to the community.

Fhrancis Lopez, Mr. Philippines

Last February 26, TAKE THE TEST PROJECT held their pre photoshoot at the ASP building in Timog, Quezon City. Models, non-models including bloggers had the chance to participate in this one of a kind event. 

Here are some of the "behind the scene" photos, more pictures to be released soon by the great photographer Noel Abelardo and the TAKE THE TEST PROJECT.

Make-Up Area

Mr. Noel Abelardo, Official Photographer

Nikita Conwi Dj for Monster Radio RX93.1

 More photos click  HERE

People who made it that day are those who has the balls to say I'm  Sexier, Smarter and Braver to take the challenge. But  don't worry guys you still have the second chance SOON to say and show what you are.

I would like to extend my admiration to the people behind this project, the full effort of the volunteers up to the people who spearheaded this noble project.

Readers,  if you're interested to take the Challenge and to know more about this project,  you may visit and like their FB page  Take The Test Project  or you may text 0927-7155800 / 0923-3780800

Caracol Festival 2012

February 26,  Makati City celebrated its annual CARACOL FESTIVAL  that showcases beauties and talents of every Citizen of Makati from all ages.

No one  left the place with unsatisfying mood because  all Caracol participants were able to entertain the spectators through their grandiose, lively and festive performances.

Caracol is considered as Makati City’s Mardi Gras. Conceptualized in 1988, Caracol is a Spanish term for snail and refers to “the shell used by the people to protect them from life””s detrimental realities.” It is a combination of the three major ethnic festivals of the Philippines but in later years, Caracol developed its own character and focused on the bounty of Mother Earth and the need to protect her wealth.


Food Trip IN and OUTside Meto Manila

FOOD TRIP IN and OUTside the metro. From regular dining to Boodle Fighting.

There are lots of good and affordable restaurants here in metro manila and one of these is The Savory  a resto where chicken, chopsuey and the Lechon macau are their best for me.

Savory Chicken, for me the secret is not the sauce it's the chicken itself. I like how it tastes and the flavour is there, I prefer eating it with soy sauce and Citrus fruit

Chopsuey is the best for me, the crunchiness and the sweetness of the fresh vegetables are always present, so yummy!

Obey your thirst! 
Four Seasons 



Detoxifies • Lightening • Anti-aging 

Lather up in the richness of Glukogen Beauty Bar. All natural and infused with Glutathione to detoxify, Kojic to bring out that radiant glow and Collagen to bring back youthful skin. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Glukogen  is a body soap that has the power  to detoxifies, lighten skin and with good source of anti-aging. A combined glutathione and other healthy ingredients such as Coconut oil, Caustic Lye, Castor Oil, Kojic Acid Dipalmitate, Hydrolized Collagen, Fragrance Oil and Niacinamide that help all types of skin gets clearer, younger and firmed.

From formulation to packaging Glukogen guarantee that you will not disappoint buying it whether for a gift or for personal use. 

For best results use with Glukogen Body Crème.

You can buy this highly formulated body soap for only P125.00. 
For Inquiries, you may contact these following numbers: 02 531-4093 and 02 533 6714


EDSA Grand Residences: Portal East

For property developers like EDSA Grand Realty and Development Corp., nothing beats quality materials in the construction of their projects like condominiums so they expect nothing less.
“Quality residential units are what buyers look for when considering condo unit purchases so they get value for their money. That is why we emphasize on using quality materials for our projects,” explains Engr. Caesar Tan, Vice President of EDSA Grand Realty and Development Corp., one of the fastest-rising property developers in the country.
Security of their abode is one aspect that people look for when buying a condo unit. They want the feeling of safety and security once they are at home—or even when they are out. “Security of property and life is very important for all unit buyers and we understand that.  For our latest project, we see to it that we meet tenants’ and buyers’ needs when it comes to security, and we are confident on that aspect.”


A RUN for Education

Friends, please help me support my friend Jenny,  she will be having her first marathon, The Bull Runner Dream Marathon on March 18 2012, to raise funds for "Pusong Pinoy's Alay Mula sa Puso project"  to help provide underprivileged students with much needed school supplies for this coming schoolyear 2012-2013.
About Pusong Pinoy: A group of family and friends wanting to make a difference, one book at a time. Since its inception in 2009, Pusong Pinoy became a force of over 33,500 HEROES worldwide via Facebook trying to make a difference - one book, one meal, one piece of clothing at a time. Our mission is to provide assistance to organizations in the Philippines that have effective programs designed to help marginalized kids learn and appreciate reading by donating used books to their cause. It is our hope that this site would inspire others to open their hearts and help make a difference in these children's lives. Today, we begin by collecting books and donating food items but perhaps someday we can do more. Let this be our means to pay it forward and give back to our country we love so dearly. "Pagtanaw sa pinanggalingan upang makatulong sa kinabukasan" - yan ang Pusong Pinoy

For those of you who wish to be part of making her first marathon meaningful,  you may signup here and let us know your pledge/s, any amount will do and by spreading this page is very much appreciated.

Thank you very much in advance and God bless your heart!



One Orchard Road

A quite restaurant situated at busiest commercial building with perfect ambiance called One Orchard Road, remember this is not in Singapore but it's exactly located at the second floor of SM Mega mall in Mandaluyong City.

My friend Jenny treated me to a dinner here,  since it was my first time, so my eyes was in a bit search for something NEW and UNIQUE  and here's what I got. It is  like the colors represents the different enticing flavors  and the arrangement of the place is telling you to come back and dine again.

One thing I love from this resto is they have the strongest wifi ever! Perfect for hungry internet people like me.

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