Food Trip IN and OUTside Meto Manila

FOOD TRIP IN and OUTside the metro. From regular dining to Boodle Fighting.

There are lots of good and affordable restaurants here in metro manila and one of these is The Savory  a resto where chicken, chopsuey and the Lechon macau are their best for me.

Savory Chicken, for me the secret is not the sauce it's the chicken itself. I like how it tastes and the flavour is there, I prefer eating it with soy sauce and Citrus fruit

Chopsuey is the best for me, the crunchiness and the sweetness of the fresh vegetables are always present, so yummy!

Obey your thirst! 
Four Seasons 

Here's another good food trip memories I've had with friends (Team Injury) happened last January. A group of youngsters who love to explore the nature of the Philippines. I was invited to join with them visiting Mt. Pinatubo. During our trip going to the crater I was amazed by the mountain formations and big rocks scattered everywhere but one thing that amazed me is the boodle fighting. It was like time is bringing me back to the year I was during my grade school in Zamboanga.

Friends Jenny, Millete and the others prepared the food for the team, they cooked Fried Milk fish, Egg plant salad with green mango  and Tokwa't Baboy. While they're cooking the other guys are busy taping themselves and some are sleeping and oh!  yours truly is one of the lazy mountaineers then, I caught myself sleeping too after  a few minutes waiting for the food to serve.

Boodle Fight: The moment of truth, let the feast begin!

Can you imagine how awesome it is having a simple meals together with happy people such as this? Isn't it unforgettable?  Oh dear life you are amazing!

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