I love Globe, I'M GLAD TO BE GLOBE

I've been using Globe for more than four years now and the best thing about this network is its unbeatable connection whether wired or wireless anywhere you are here in the Philippines.

I simply Love Globe for so many reasons, one of these is the unfailing promise of giving consistent strong connection between me and my loved ones here and abroad. I never had the experience raising my daughter from day one to day now but through globe it's all possible, possible for me to communicate with them anytime of the day without interruptions. I know that one of the toughest tasks of a father  is to show his love towards his family if they are away from him but again through globe "Nothing is Impossible".

Chatting time with my wifee and daughter in the states via skype

May 6, 2012 VISIT:  First day as a father here in the Philippines

I Love Globe for helping me nurture my love towards my family as a husband to my wife and as a father to our little angel. Helping me nurture in the sense of giving me the strong connection I deserve wherever and whenever I want to connect my family here and abroad anytime.

Thank you so much Globe.You are more than amazing, You are the BEST!


  1. Kudos to you for sustaining and nurturing strong connections with your wife and baby girl who are so far yet are so near with Globe. Time and space means nothing when you are connected with your family through Globe.

  2. I reckon Globe has help you a lot in bridging the distance between you and your love ones. They don't only provide good communication services, they also help you nurture and strengthen your relationship with your love ones abroad. Thumbs up to you and to Globe.

  3. I have so many reasons like you why i love and thanked globe. It is my means of communication with my husband since he is a seafarer. He is always away for 9 mos and were together only for 1 mo during his vacation. And would u believe, we've come to know each other thru globe? Yes, were textmate before. We were introduced by a friend. Our love story is quite expensive but its worth it. We are both globe user. Do you know that i was a globe user since 1998 and we finally tied the knot in the year 2001. This time my husband is in european country. We both thank globe because as what u'v said, we are far and yet so near beacause of globe.

  4. Nothing is impossible to Globe!!

  5. I'm also a Globe user ever since i got my first handphone in the Philippines and i may say that i love Globe!:) It is so important to have constant communication with the people you care for especially if you're far apart from one another. Nowadays, one should make a sacrifice to be far away from their loved ones just to make a brighter future so constant communication is really important to bridge the distance together and thanks to Globe chatting or calling our loved ones is just one click or one dial away!;) So kudos to you Cuz Lance and to Globe!:)


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