Filipino Food Trip

Pinoy Flavor.. Pinoy Moment.

Boodle fight at Seafood Island  

My never ending passion for scrumptious  food and my memory of savory yesteryear will indulge and tease everyone's taste buds for sure. I am not a full-blooded food blogger but I have this heart of "KNOW HOW" to appreciate good food.  Because a lot of flavorful food can be found here in our country, we just have to explore, eat and love. 

Family Platter by MY Diners in Batangas

Buttered shrimps

Savory fried Chicken by Savory Restaurant



  1. Never dined at Seafood Island. My beau and I will try their hefty portion of shrimps and other seafoods one of these days.

  2. Just had savory chicken last night! i have yet to try the boodle feasts in Seafood Island. :)

  3. Sarap!!!! We love Seafood Island but Tamerlanes in Antipolo can beat it any day. You should also give it a shot. Super affordable, great seafood selection, kamayan and al fresco. :-)

  4. The video really inspired me to explore our country more. Although I dream of going to other places abroad, my bf told me that we should first travel to the different tourist spots in the Philippines. Ang ganda ng Pilipinas!

    Hmmm, I'm inspired to eat at Seafood Island, too. Blackbear's Seafood Island recently opened a branch here in Davao at SM Annex.

  5. I still haven't tried Seafood Island but I heard they really offer a lot of seafood goodness! :D As for Savory, I love their chicken ever since I had a taste of one. Yum!


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