Social Media Day 2012

Photo courtesy of  Project JDG

Manila, Philippines - 30 June 2012 - a special date for all social media enthusiasts in the Philippines, more than two hundred bloggers showed up at TEA 101 Thomas morato in Quezon City to celebrate this one of a kind get-together in the country. The successful event was made possible by of course  Tea 101 Taiwan's No. 1 DrinkFlawless Face & Body Clinic, Smart Communications, the genuine Thermos brandWild Ones Tattoo, and Dentiste Toothpaste. The social media day was also celebrated in different parts in the metro as well.

Photo courtesy of  Raymond C. Ordonez
It was a night of building friendship offline and tightening our relationship for one goal. I met a lot of new faces, we exchange links and discussed everything what's going on in the bloggosphere, we've started from a simple "hi and hello" but we ended up our conversations with "wow great... see you next time". Our lively and witty guest speaker mr. Jose Javier Reyes shared his story as a netizen himself "how he live in the social media world" where bashers and thousands of followers are watching him. He thought us a lot of lessons and gave us some guides on how to deal with the online life dilemas. Thank you Direk Joey. 
Happy social media day everyone and Cheers! 

Social media is all about us. Facebook do post and broadcast our story, twitter tweets who we are, instagram captures our personality and foursquare tells us where we are. These are just few of the countless sites in the WWW world that serves as a medium of direct communication and as an effective marketing tool, exposing our lives in just one single click and our only role is to manage it responsibly.

Direck Joey shares about his life being a social media guy [Photo: Carlo Valenzona]
According to Direk Jose Javier Reyes (direk Joey) our attitude is different when we are online, we are so friendly. Many of us are trying to become a celebrity online, we want attention, we want publicity, we sell ourselves to the internet. Yes I agree with him, we want "likes, comments and etc. we post everything what's happening under the sun, we even post someone's issue or story. Example: letter A posted "there's a langaw in Chu Vanel's plate hmmm yummy" A's got a very long interaction so A is so satisfied. Here comes Letter B, he posted "I'm drowning" then he got 500 thumbs up so does it sound favorable to him? The worst thing is some of us sometimes post barbaric words to express our emotions, that's sad. We use these tools to distruct others without even knowing that we unconsciously became a kontrabida/enemy not just to one but to many unknown people in just a single post, tweet or share.

Today, The world is in our hands because of the internet, now it's up to us how to take care of it. We all have our own style, standard, and interest, everyday we broadcast it, we share every detail and pin every information but the question is are we sure that the people arround us likes and love it? We know the answer. Of course, it's our own freewill, we live in a country where we can express everything, but then are we prepared enough to face the consiquences of our actions? The bottom line is we just have to be a responsible social media residents, understand every words we create and modify it accordingly before we click send, share, tag and post. 

Are you one the responsible Social Media users? So what's your story?

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