Nonito Donaire Jr the New Pacman. Of Course he is not, He is The "Filipino Flash" the man!

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December 16, 2012 (Philippines)- A lot of people said he is the next Pacman, hello... Manny is Manny and Nonito is Nonito. In terms of Popularity we all know that Manny is more popular than the Filipino Flash, well accept it we're in real world, Media is all around it's just a matter of PRs and PR. 

Pacman unfortunately didn't make it during the recent match with Marquez and just a few hours ago Nonito and his team has celebrated the victory over Jorge Arce. And the comparison begins...

I don't want to compare which is which, They're all great and pride of our country "The Philippines. Today, I'm taking off my hat and I'm sure not just me but a lot out there also  showing their support to all Filipino Boxers who I / we consider as the champions.  

Thank you Nonito Donaire Jr. another round Please..

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