Talong KBS and PAA of Chicken Deli: my perfect combination

Oh my goodness! This eggplant salad called "Talong KBS"  is driving me crazy everytime it crosses my mind, nothing fancy about this dish but the authenticity of the flavor is there. Grilled eggplant topped with onion, tomato and shrimp paste (bagoong alamang)  oahlalah heaven.

 For me, the best thing about this grilled chicken is that you don't have to mix and match sauces although you have to but per my taste bud the chicken and oil itself is already a yummy thing. Thumbs up!


FReSH is my guilty pleasure

Everytime I pass by a fragrance store / outlet in malls or elsewhere I feel like a little boy wanting to go inside and discover what in store or what's new and best for me and when the moment I get in the world is cursing me because of the long hours I am consuming. Yes of course I want to be sure that what I will buy and to wear must be fresh and cool. I always consider what type of scent should I spray or in what specific occasion and I also see to it that everytime I wear one I can surely make one people giggle out of the scent I have. Good thing I found FReSH fragrance Bar the perfume store for Perfume Addicts like me that has always been my "partner in crime" since it existed in spreading some freshness in the office and even at home.

"Choosing your scent shouldn’t be rushed,” says Fresh Fragrance Consultant. “Especially when you’re young, you should take your time and experiment to find out which perfume works best for you. Ourstaff also assists our customers to find theright fragrance, they won’t merely push specific brands just tomake a sale.”

Fresh currently has five retail stores in Eastwood Mall, Alabang Town Center, Lucky China ton mall, Marquee Mall Pampanga,Abreeza Mall Davao and several more to come. For further information, you can visit their Facebook page  at  www.facebook.com/freshfragrancebar