Biking in San Mateo is one of the best summer activities this summer

Biking has always been in my bucket list of activities since college but never in my free time had the chance to participate such adventurous activities like Biking/cycling and Motocross tho motocross is really out of my experimental world but I wanna try it in the near future and I hope I can.

Bikers Cafe
In just 4 months since I came back here in Manila to work for an Apparel Company, I've been receiving a lot of orders from different group of  athletes and from different schools, but whenever there's a group of cylclistas dropping by I really see to it that I am not only after for the deal but also for the information about their group, the location, and everything else happening beyond their adventurous organization.

So to make this long and winding road post shorter, I met Bryan Pangan of Bikers Cafe,  he is the king of the mountain in San Mateo Rizal who has a deepest passion in mountain biking and in some way promoting wellness among his group. What I like about his group is the uniqueness and perseverance an also the so-called building friendship on road. Although I didn't have the chance to meet the entire group but i can really sense the bond going on.

What makes me more excited to experience mountain biking in San Mateo?  It's the Bikers Cafe. This is really far from my imagination before, that whenever there's a race or biking activity, bikers would end up refreshing themselves under the umbrella tree near the beach or having some mini-party together with the group.

Refreshing on the top of the mountain after biking? Bikers Cafe is waiting for you there, whether you're a hard core biker, a junior or just a visitor. I am thinking of if this place was made before world war II  or after it I'm sure Salvatore would ask Elena for a last date here in this place hmmm more romantic than in Italy.  If you are familiar about these characters well your not young anymore, Salvatore and Elena -- the lovers from Cinema Paradiso, an Italian classic movie full of twists and turns and romance.

I will close this POST as it is, because I might be the spoiler for others who want to feel the surprises waiting in San Mateo specifically at the cafe but should you decide to  share summer activities in my blog you may write me anytime at lanceromel@cheerful.com

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