Adventure to the less traveled world in lonely planet

"Survivor world Rio Vitali edition 8th of september 2013 a day before the Zamboanga City siege"

No hindrances for people like us who wanted to experience another one-of-a-kind adventure while bonding and reuniting ties which is our own way of small get-together instead of climbing up neighbor's rooftop and stare the milky way. Another "dream come true" getaway with friends, a simple adventure yet worth a million dollar experience. This is our Rio Vitali experience

Six days before the Rio Vitali superb experience I got a text message from my friend Norman Ignacio, an invite to go swimming, it was almost a short notice for me because I already commit to the other group to go caving on the same day but I replied yes to him with excitement and no hesitation beacuae Rio Vitali has been in my dream to go to very long time ago. So Norman brought his sister floriza and also invited his cousins Laling and Popoy Cabayacruz, a total of five adventurer kuno made their way to Rio Vitali packed with suman de saging and rice made by Norman's mom for the viand it's all up to us what or where could we hunt for some but we decided to buy canned goods and tuyo / dried fish along the way instead of hunting wild pig, fish or birds :)

It took us I think 15 to 20 minutes to reach the site. Warning to those who want to go to Rio Vitali river don't drive a city car, you may drive motor bike, habal-habal or better yet drive your 4wd carabao and fuel up some energy because the road going there is horrifying. You will encounter a roller coaster ride or more than that "calling on the attention of the people concerned" Back to our story, we played, we hunted paku and tahba, we laughed and etc. The rain came down then sun after, still we managed to give justice to what our adventure means. We did our survivor version successfully but note this is not just a survivor USA, Asia or Austrailia this is survivor world Rio Vitali edition Sunday 8th of September a day before the Zamboanga City siege.

oops no objections please. Thanks to Norman, Popoy, Floriza and Laling.


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