My 2013 life at a glance

My 2013 it is " mixed awesome and a bit down" but summing up everything.. all days are smooth.

January to March - I was at the peak of my career back in manila working for a company that somehow taught me to be tough and straightforward dealing with different kinds of people/employee under my shades, although it didn’t prosper because I gave up because I have to leave.. going back here in Zamboanga to see my mom and assist her for her medical appointments and processes.

April - Is the month where I found unexpected new friends, real friends from somewhere I didn’t expect to go but I was able to reach there through my brother “Ricky”. It was an awesome month because aside from having the chance to be in a dream place I also had the great time meeting new friends, friends that are very opposite to my world but we have the same language of communications with the same purpose in life. The place that I am referring to is the Merloquet falls.

May to July - three months of bonding with my parents, meaning, I was jobless, awwww. Terrible months hah? Months that I was doing nothing, eating and sleeping was my favorite past time and I was very busy recuperating from, you know, laziness . But what I am really thankful for during those times, is the precious moment living together with my mom and dad, my true best friends are the only two fans who never leave me during my times when I was out of the spot light. My parents made me feel once again the meaning of care that they are just there waiting for the words to be said from my mouth, the words of a son saying mom, dad, can I rest for a while? Can you help me? My dad said it was the most beautiful and unexpected words came from his son who once was wearing a heart of steel when it comes to asking for help from his parents and now here you are. Before, all I ever wanted is to help them, give them the needs they want and be not a baggage to their lives without even knowing that I am getting farther and farther from them. I have laid my card perfectly, I built the best castle of unity and were able to establish a parapet of understanding so no one can ever trespass our community of love and care.

August to September - Bonding, Swimming, laughing, dreaming and everything. The most exiting months for me, me and my Latuan-Sapa moro childhood friends we were able to experience the best happiness in life again as if we turned back the hands of time to where we used to go and do like swimming. I only have few friends back in our place, but these few are among the best for last, as the song goes by “ If I have only one friend left I want it to be you” and I want it to be them. Sounds selfish but only time can prove and explain to people whom who don’t believe what I’m saying.

October - I thought we (God and I) had a misunderstanding because of a lot of things happened to my life. One of which is that I didn’t ask him the things that I first thought not usable, and then He gave me more than the personal things I asked for. The month of October was so light for me, everything went perfect and so smooth. God explains me once again the meaning of virtue. Life is like a clock we people should not rush our wants, instead pray that we may obtain our needs in due time because waiting for it patiently makes us more determined and strong being.
November - Doors of opportunity opened left and right, I got projects from Manila and met lots of good people. I also went to two different schools in Zamboanga, gave them things/school supplies, supplies from the good people who care for the good future of some needy school children in the mountain. That journey made me more active to my mission in life, the mission that no one can ever destruct even the strongest hurricane. It clearly stated that you don’t have to be moneyed to give back, and giving back doesn’t rely on the status of one person. He who has the heart of giving must be accompanied by someone who has the heart of extending his time and effort to reach others in need. Please visit www.thecheerfulbox.wordpress.com

December - The CHOCOBUM month, one of the most wonderful time of the year, I’m sure a lot of you finds so strange about this chocobum word, chocobum is a cocktail drink for men it’s a mixed rhum (tanduay) milo, coffee, and iced tea perfect with crashed ice, my goodness, you can drink it till you drop whit no hangover, take note no hangover at least per my alcohol resistant body So since we all both like the drinks so much aside from it is not that so hard at least the taste but, man.. the impact, you will feel the roller coaster ride even you’re not riding a roller coaster .. hahahha.. so the 3 or four of us agreed to name our group CHOCOBUM boys the last pogi. Again, THE LAST POGI whether you like it or not hahaha.

Time flies so fast, my January to December was a mixed awesome and a bit down but summing up everything, my year was full of uncontrollable happiness because of the overflowing blessings I received all trough out the year.

I am closing my 2013 book with excitement, I can really feel and sense it that I will be out of my bat cave this first quarter of happy 2014 and I can also feel my intense hearth beating somehow saying, hey mr. Bucoy you’ll not only be out of your cave this year but you’ll be flying out of your territory to discover more of what’s in store for you this 2014. Think Positive.

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