The most awaited privilege speech of Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago vs Senator Enrile

I can hear it... the ticking of the clock...  and the bomb is about to explode!

The most and the hottest  issue in the senate today, this is more than the Typhoon Yolanda Issue that will hit the air wave  this afternoon 3:30 PM Ph Time.

A lot of us are eagerly waiting for Sen. Miriam's reply to  last week  Sen. Enrile's speech Vs Her.

"Mr. President, I know that I should not dignify with answers these obvious lies flowing as they did from the hallucinated imaginings of a spiteful and bitterly hostile mind. But, I must! I must debunk these unbridled lies from the records of this Senate for the sake of honest truth." - Sen. Enrile

Read Enrile's privilege speech vs Miriam here 

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