Zamboanga Hermosa Festival 2014

Photo: www.metrokelan.com

Photo: philippineblog.com

Be part of  this colorful and exciting event in Zamboanga City.  It is indeed more fun to be in Zamboanga.


A father of four professionals is searching for them to feed him

I saw this photos posted on my friend Facebook wall, if this is true, I think this is not just for what he needs, it's more than that... it's called LOVE.

The truth behind this story  http://www.toongaw.com/2014/08/the-truth-behind-story-of-old-man.html


A source of inspiration through colors

This man made me feel more proud being a Filipino. I believe he is the only guy  in Zamboanga city selling Philippine flag this way. A noble kind of job. His name is Rodrigo Alma Jr. originally from Davao City.
Mr. Alma were able to send and finish his children in college with the degrees of Engineering, Architecture, Business Administration and Accounting.
Filipino man selling Flag
Location: Zamboanga City,
Date: June 7, 2014


Masskara Festival 2014 - Celebrity Basketball Tournament

Masskara Festival 2014

Wohooo! get ready Bacolod pips  the stars are on their way to your city this coming October 2014.

All Star Celebrity Basketball VS. Manila Top Collegiate Players

Venue: La Salle Gym , Bacolod City

Poster by: MJM Production

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