KAMIKAZOO: The latest attraction in Zoobic Safari


The new heart-stopping attraction in Zoobic Safari was launched last March 28, 2015 witnessed by  media men from different media company such as: ABS CBN, Manila Bulletin, Manila Times, Inquirer, Business Mirror, regional media and social media writers. 

It is a 130 meter long ride that will go to the tiger sanctuary. With a capacity of 8 persons, the passengers will ride a capsule made of welded wire where chickens are attached to it. From a height of 10 meters the capsule will drop down to about 1 ft from the ground.  The tigers will then excitedly outdo each other to get the chickens around the capsule. This is the best way to Zoom and drop in the tiger sanctuary and test your bravery.


Grazzi Subic Bay Travelers Hotel

Nearly a year ago when I heard about this hotel through my office mate, the picture crossed my mind was far from the experience I have had a week ago, well, probably because time flies.

Upon our arrival in the hotel I was expecting something cool or classy stuff at the lobby, something like a spectacular chandelier or a grand stairway going to the 2nd or third floor. At first it was like  a disappointing moment  for me and about to agree what my office mate said. But because of my uncontented eyes  I was able to find the beauty in it, the giant photos mounted on the wall, the Venice and the Salermo (I'm not sure if  it is Salermo)  and everything that has something to do with Itali are way too cool.

During our stay, the hotel is under renovation then, especially the hallway from the main lobby going to the cafe, I think there's an ongoing refitting of tiles, so unfortunately I didn't have the opportunity to sway around.

I have no questions about the hotel's services, their staff are nice the room service is excellent, in fact I ordered pineapple juice just to test how smart they respond to the needs of the guest/s, quickly the order arrived.

Then morning came, my friends from the other room heads me up for a simple breakfast by the pool.

Our stay and our food was great. The hotel somehow installed us a good memory, good memory where we were able to have a great time together chit chatting before leaving the hotel and face back the toxic way of life in Manila.

Thank you Subic Bay Travelers Hotel for taking care of us!

For more information about the hotel you may check this link

or contact these following numbers:

 Subic: (047) 252 – 1688 / Manila: (02) 775 – 8008
Mobile: 0999 – 995 – 5238 / 0917 – 584 – 9294


Tree Top Adventure Subic: An Adventure Park of Firsts


Take your team building to the next level.

TREE TOP ADVENTURE in Subic has recently open its first Motorized Team Building Facility to cater the needs of different Organizations, Schools, BPOs and other corporate offices not just in Olongapo and nearby cities but to all who want to experience the team bonding the next level thing.

Last  March 21, 2015, Tree Top Adventure's CEO Ms. Camille Montejo, Marketing and Branding Head Engr. Grace Bondad Nicolas, Sales and Marketing Officer Ms Jackie Lou Dilag  and Tree Top's key Personnel  together with the media partners, bloggers and special guests  spearheaded the ceremony to officially open the Team Building facility to all.

These activities such as Dragon Boat, Gem Drop,  Team Lanyard, Bar Balancer, Loop Lift, Dance Revo, Team See-Saw, Multi-line Traverse, Team Wall, Spike Valley, Team Cycling and Centipede pedals were designed to VALUES, values which is the main ingredient to the success of every team.

The Dragon Boat, Bar Balancer, Dance Revo,  Team Cycling and Centipede Pedals,  these are the motorized activities. 


TREE TOP ADVENTURE SUBIC: Adventure with the Happy team


Are you brave enough?

Be the first to see and experience the newest and only ZIPLINE RIDE WITH THE TIGERS in the world, the KAMIKAZOO. This is a new heart-stopping attraction in Zoobic Safari to be launched on March 21, 2015. It is a 130 meter long ride that will go to the tiger sanctuary. With acapacity of 8 persons, the passengers will ride a capsule made of welded wire where chickens are attached to it. From a height of 10 meters the capsule will drop down to about 1 ft from the ground. The tigers will then excitedly outdo each other to get the chickens around the capsule. This is the best way to Zoom and drop in the tiger sanctuary and test your bravery.

Zoobic Safari, the only tiger safari in the Philippines is located in Subic Freeport Zone. Get a heart-pounding adventure in visiting its classic attractions, Serpentarium; a wild encounter with snakes, lizards and iguanas, Zoobic Park, a walk-through petting zoo, Tiger Safari, an enclosed safari jeep ride that will take you to the tigers’ natural habitat, Croco Loco, a crocodile lair with more than a hundred crocodiles where you will have a chance to feed them. Also included in Zoobic Safari’s amazing attractions areSavannah, Zoobic Cave and Forbidden Cave. Packed with more thrill and excitement, discover your braver side and tour around this exotic sanctuary. Anticipate a wilder quest with another feral attraction, the Lion Safari. So open your schedule for an overdose of fun and excitement this summer, and visit one of the happiest places, Zoobic Safari, open daily from 8am to 4pm. For details you can visit our website www.zoomanity.com.ph or contact us at 09166299381.


Choosing the right one stop shop website this summer is the key to a happy and relaxing vacation

Spell Happiness

This is how your face be  when your boss approved your vacation in the middle of a toxic schedule, especially when that vacay is the one that you are waiting for and dreaming of.

Well, I must admit that my face would turn more than that of  my cat's (his Name is Grey) face and could probably roar like a tiger the most aggressive way, dance like a duck and sing like a sheep. Hmmm funny Isn't it? Whatever, "funny na kung fani" but that's how I would feel if I have received such privilege.

By the way that strange actions and emotions are just natural for me and so normal to people who loves nature and adventure. Atin-atin lang to, last week I almost dance like a duck and sing like a sheep but the roaring thing I asked my Grey to do it for me. My boss signed a black and white paper that allows me to have a relaxing vacation whenever and wherever I want, but just within  the office budget.

Online Place Hunting

Right after the good news, I obliged myself to do the online research and check my travel links momentarily to see what's IN and easy to reach place to people coming from Manila until I came across with this website www.zoomanity.com.ph a website that captured "my attention like a tiger" the site said ZOOMANITY GROUP The Happiest places, then my imaginary bulb lights up once again with magestic fireworks sparkling all over my world and my brain woke up excitingly pushing my right hands commanding the computer mouse to click all the tabs, images and links and save all posible contacts even a single dot and space of it just to secure that I am getting the right One-stop-Shop web that can obey my thirst of adventure and relaxation all in one.

The website directs you to the Zoo, adventure park, Inn or recreation house should I say like the  Residence Inn in Tagaytay,


What could be more exciting than facing  real aggressive tigers, facing them literally just inches away from your beautiful face?

Or this?  Try to talk to the lions like meoew meoow or woar waorrrr  lets see if  they will find it happy or yummy ... hahaha

All these blood hyping activities can experience at Zoobic Safari.

Oh!one thing more, they have this  place situated at the Clark Freeport zone called ZOOCOBIA where you can enjoy the GO KART racing and feel like you're in Singapore or in Thailand

Light Adventure and Superb Relaxation

Feel like a farmer or even be a farmer at PARADIZOO located in Mendez, Cavite, an hour and a half away from Manila. Paradizoo is an oasis of  FRESH; fresh flowers, veggies, fruits including fresh horses and sheeps haha, kidding aside Paradizoo is a place where you can enjoy life away from the busy city.

The Climax of Vacation

This will do at Residence Inn Tagaytay. A  glass of red wine or a palatable food while enjoying the shadow of a picturesque view at night, or just simply enjoy your bed and feel the good life and wait for the beautiful good morning after a good night.

This is not about DREAMING, at the end of the day we all deserve a good and enjoyable vacation, we just have to look for someone that can handle our vacation well like the Zoomanity Group.


Michelin tires chosen for Porsche Cayman GT4 launch

For the dynamic launch of its new Cayman GT4, Porsche AG has chosen to equip all of the cars with MICHELIN Pilot Sport Cup 2 ultra-high-performance tires: 245/35 ZR20 (91Y) TL N0 front and 295/30 ZR20 (101Y) XL TL N0 rear.

The MICHELIN Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyre is the latest generation of road-legal track tires designed for ultra-high performance cars. The performance levels that this tyre offers are clearly demonstrated by the fact that it is the OE fitment on recent Porsche models including the 918 Spyder and GT3.

Further evidence of the performance of this tyre is highlighted by the Nurburgring lap record set last year by the 918 Spyder which was fitted with exactly the same model of tires, albeit in a different size, that can be bought from any Official Porsche Centre.

Compared to its predecessor, the Pilot Sport Cup+, the Pilot Sport Cup 2 lasts up to 50 per cent longer on track and also offers faster lap times* due to technology developed in motorsport, at races such as the Le Mans 24 hours. Plus, these improvements in performance are achieved with no compromises in other areas, and are an example of Michelin’s Total Performance strategy.

The MICHELIN Pilot Sport Cup 2 combines Bi-Compound technology, which involves the use of different rubber compounds on the inner and outer sections of the tread with Track Variable Contact Patch 3.0, which is an innovation that optimises pressure in the tyre's contact patch so the same amount of rubber is always in contact with the road or track, whether driving in a straight line or cornering.

To ensure the Cayman GT4 is prepared for difficult winter driving conditions, Michelin is the sole supplier of the winter tyre option for the car:
235/35R20 92V XLTL Pilot Alpin 4 N0
275/30R20 97V XLTL Pilot Alpin 4 N0

TREE TOP ADVENTURE: The first motorized team building facility in the Philippines

Take your team building to the next level at Tree Top Adventure. With a variety of twelve (12) motorized team building activities, one would surely be physically and mentally challenged.

Tree Top Adventure offers not just the only motorized zipline in the Philippines but also the 1st motorized team building facility in the Philippines. The team building activities were designed to engage values such as coordination and communication which can be exercised in groups.

One motorized team building activity is the "Dragon Boat" in which the members must synchronize their strokes to finish the course faster.  One might also try the "Dance Revo" in which the members must complete a certain dance sequence in the shortest time possible. Take note, the group cannot move on to the next step until each member is correct with the sequence. One activity that would surely challenge a group’s teamwork is the "Team Lanyard" in which the members must join hands and cross the rope the shortest time possible. A group will have a hard time crossing if the members do not coordinate well with each other.

Apart from the Dragon Boat, Dance Revo and Team Lanyard, there are nine more motorized team building facilities that Tree Top offers.

To know more about these, join us on March 21, 2015 at Tree Top Adventure Subic Branch located at JEST Area Upper Mau, Cubi Point Subic Bay Free Port Zone. You could also contact 09166299381. You might want to visit our website www.treetopadventureph.com. To be more updated, search us on Facebook (treetopadventurecamp) and follow us on Instagram (@tree_top_adventure) and Twitter (@TreeTopPH).


Junior New System on Asias Got Talent

Truly the pride of the Philippines

A dance group from Manila Philippines called Junior New System rocks the entire Asia and the world through their amazing performance happened recently. All four judges  were amazed by the graceful talents presented.  

Asia's Got Talent (AGT) is the regional version of the Got Talent franchise that will be airing on AXN Asia.[1] It is a talent show that will feature singers, dancers, magicians, comedians, and other performers of all ages competing for a yet to be announced prize. It will air on March 12, 2015 across 20 countries in Asia.[2][3]
Hosts: Marc Nelson and Rovilson Fernandez; while the judges are AnggunDavid FosterMelanie C, and Vanness Wu.[3] Melanie C would be the third member of the Spice Girls to become a Got Talent judge (after Mel B andGeri Halliwell), while Anggun would be judge of a second Got Talent franchise after sitting in the panel in the second season of Indonesia's Got Talent. - WIKIPEDIA


Space for the tired happy feet at the Magallanes Interchange in Makati

Probably a lot of us do not or did not  know what is happening under the concrete jungle at Magallanes interchange in Makati. 

Well, I've got something for those who don't know what or where it is. 

Many of us know that the Magallanes Interchange is just a home of the busy pedestrians and motorists and I for once thought that somewhere in this place has a spot for solvent boys, prostitutes and other illegal activities. But those thoughts suddenly wiped out when I passed by this area for some strange reasons, maybe to share to you guys its so-called hidden beauty or to share something refreshing underneath the polluted highway.

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