Grazzi Subic Bay Travelers Hotel

Nearly a year ago when I heard about this hotel through my office mate, the picture crossed my mind was far from the experience I have had a week ago, well, probably because time flies.

Upon our arrival in the hotel I was expecting something cool or classy stuff at the lobby, something like a spectacular chandelier or a grand stairway going to the 2nd or third floor. At first it was like  a disappointing moment  for me and about to agree what my office mate said. But because of my uncontented eyes  I was able to find the beauty in it, the giant photos mounted on the wall, the Venice and the Salermo (I'm not sure if  it is Salermo)  and everything that has something to do with Itali are way too cool.

During our stay, the hotel is under renovation then, especially the hallway from the main lobby going to the cafe, I think there's an ongoing refitting of tiles, so unfortunately I didn't have the opportunity to sway around.

I have no questions about the hotel's services, their staff are nice the room service is excellent, in fact I ordered pineapple juice just to test how smart they respond to the needs of the guest/s, quickly the order arrived.

Then morning came, my friends from the other room heads me up for a simple breakfast by the pool.

Our stay and our food was great. The hotel somehow installed us a good memory, good memory where we were able to have a great time together chit chatting before leaving the hotel and face back the toxic way of life in Manila.

Thank you Subic Bay Travelers Hotel for taking care of us!

For more information about the hotel you may check this link

or contact these following numbers:

 Subic: (047) 252 – 1688 / Manila: (02) 775 – 8008
Mobile: 0999 – 995 – 5238 / 0917 – 584 – 9294

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