Tree Top Adventure Subic: An Adventure Park of Firsts


Take your team building to the next level.

TREE TOP ADVENTURE in Subic has recently open its first Motorized Team Building Facility to cater the needs of different Organizations, Schools, BPOs and other corporate offices not just in Olongapo and nearby cities but to all who want to experience the team bonding the next level thing.

Last  March 21, 2015, Tree Top Adventure's CEO Ms. Camille Montejo, Marketing and Branding Head Engr. Grace Bondad Nicolas, Sales and Marketing Officer Ms Jackie Lou Dilag  and Tree Top's key Personnel  together with the media partners, bloggers and special guests  spearheaded the ceremony to officially open the Team Building facility to all.

These activities such as Dragon Boat, Gem Drop,  Team Lanyard, Bar Balancer, Loop Lift, Dance Revo, Team See-Saw, Multi-line Traverse, Team Wall, Spike Valley, Team Cycling and Centipede pedals were designed to VALUES, values which is the main ingredient to the success of every team.

The Dragon Boat, Bar Balancer, Dance Revo,  Team Cycling and Centipede Pedals,  these are the motorized activities. 

Dance Revo

Team Cycling

with ms Camille Montejo

with Engr. Grace Nicolas

The launching was indeed a success and the team building facility is now ready to serve your TEAM  with experienced coach to lead you to the next level. Medical staff and Technical personnel are on standby to attend to your needs.


TREE TOP ADVENTURE is the first and the only adventure park in the Philippines and in Asia has motorized adventure rides such as the Canopy ride , Superman Ride, Silver Surfer, and Parachute drop.

Our team (Blogger) were able to experience all the  motorized rides and challenged ourselves to take the most extreme activity in the park which is the heart-stopping Tree Drop.





Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring - Rona Bolledo

Per my observation, Tree Top's main concerns are  only two, First, is to give you the maximum  safety during the rides, second, is to give you satisfaction you need. The rest it's yours, it's your jungle explore it.

1.) SAFETY, ensuring the safety of both guests and employees. To secure that, technical people are all on-the-go checking the lines  momentarily and securing that every post are all in zero error.

2.) SATISFACTION, Tree Top is a family and friendly oriented park so there's no room for the staff to give the guests any heart breaks and dissatisfactions, all of them (staff) are well trained and are all courteous, very easy to deal with, friendly, and some of them wears the energy of good vibes beyond expectations.

Friendship Was Born  

We arrived as strangers and left as a team - Juan Miguel Alejandrino

Til our next adventure, Hasta La Vista!

To know more about Tree Top Adventure, you may Visit http://www.treetopadventureph.com/

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