Tour Around Zoobic Safari: Trip to the world of Wilds

Zoobic Cave

Forbidden Cave

Since it is forbidden, I wont tell you  what's really happening inside, neither tell you how many pieces of arapaima, how many giant crocs and Red Pacu they have. I can only share to you this fascinating Galaxy hole, I'm sure if you have kids they will surely love it.

Tiger Safari
This is another heart-stopping attraction inside the zoo, wherein you can see the tigers face to face or even literally touch their nose, just be careful because they might eat including your fingers while you are feeding them.


Have you seen camels eating together with tiny little pigs? or an ostrich  mingling  with other wild mammals. Here in the savannah you can see them together.

Bone/ Skin  MuZOOeum

Aeta's Trail

This site is my most favorite of all, Zoobic Safari is not just about animals and beautiful sites, it is also about beautiful people. I've heard about these people (Aetas) before, but never had the chance to meet them physically,  I met a boy, with him is his father I guess, armed with arrow and a bow not to hunt but to teach the guests how to use the kind of native stuff.

Croco Loco

Paradise is open to all God's Creatures - Pope Francis

Don’t miss this limited opportunity to see the other side of time of the animal kingdom. For inquiry you may contact us at telephone number 8999824/8999595 loc 344; email info@zoomanity.com.ph or visit our website at www.zoomanity.com.ph.

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