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Asia Plantation Capital: A New Way to Create a Sustainable Philippines

Asia Plantation Capital is Sprouting Soon

Manila, Philippines – The Asia Plantation Capital Group (APC), owner and operator of a diverse range of commercial plantations and agroforestry projects around the world, staged its first business presentation in the Philippines on the 31st of July 2017 in the Sarika Hall of the Dusit Thani Manila.

The event was hosted by Asia Plantation Capital Philippines’ Country Manager, Dallaz Eure, and presented by financial investment advisor, speaker and author, Joel Barretto, with special guests, Asia Plantation Capital Group CEO, Barry Rawlinson and, Asia Plantation Capital’s Regional Training and Development Manager, Gilbert Haygele.

The successful debut event was attended by private business owners and decision makers that included the former Department of Agriculture Secretary, Luis ‘Cito’ Lorenzo, and Willem Lavarias, the scientist who invented Tuks Oil – that which is processed by converting used, edible oil to natural pesticides for organic farming in the Philippines.

The key players L-R: Ferddy Sardan, Grace Cepeda Lara, Michelle Villamor, Asia Plantation Capital Group CEO, Barry RawlinsonDevelopment Manager, Gilbert Haygele  , Asia Plantation Capital Philippines’ Country Manager, Dallaz Eure , Para Anderson, Joel Barretto and Lance Bucoy
Asia Plantation Capital’s entry into the Philippines represents a very significant opportunity for economic revitalisation in the country - from the planting of Aquilaria trees in denuded forests and help in the prevention of flooding, all the way through to providing employment opportunities amongst locals living in and around the plantations. APC’s commitment to sustainability goes beyond the employment of personnel on plantations, however. The company also allows, and indeed encourages its employees to supplement their income by facilitating the planting of vegetables and other crops on the plantations themselves. The company also offers housing, medical care and education for their employees’ children.

Promoting sustainability, renewability and social responsibility, Asia Plantation Capital is exploring the expansion of its operations in the Philippines to further address the increasing global demand for agarwood chips, powder and 100% pure, organic Oud oil – produced from certain species of the Aquilaria tree that are currently under CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) protection.

With the help of its innovative agro technology, the company has sprouted up across the globe in a relatively short space of time. Having operated privately since 2002 and being established officially in 2008, it has sold more than USD200 million of trees to date, with zero bank debt. APC now has offices in 17 countries around the world, including China, the Czech Republic, Indonesia, Kenya, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom, not to mention the SAR of Hong Kong. The company will shortly be setting up its operations in the Philippines.

The Asia Plantation Capital Group has won numerous awards in recent years, such as ‘Best Sustainable Forestry Management Team - Global’ in 2014 and 2015 (awarded by, ‘Most Innovative Bond Issuer - Global’ in 2015, also awarded by, and the highly coveted ‘Forestry Investment Company of the Year – Asia’ 2015 and 2016, conferred upon them by The European.

Asia Plantation Capital Philippines 

APC will be introduced to the Philippines by a group of Filipino entrepreneurs from various backgrounds and experience, who will act as APC’s business development and client relationship managers.

LORELIE L. ILAGAN EURE (Dallaz) - President and Owner of Bridge Worldwide Relocations Corp. For 15 years, BWR has been engaged in moving and relocation services, specialising in packing personal effects, and serving corporate executives and expatriate employees. Past President of the Inner Wheel Club - Manila 101 Premier (2015- 201); Charter President - Inner Wheel Club Metro; International Service Officer of Inner Wheel Club of the Philippines, District 381 (2017-2018) and President of Regional Ambassador Club International (2017-2018).

JOEL BARRETTO, CFP - Financial Investment Advisor, Speaker, and Author. Since 1991, and prior to moving back to the Philippines in 2015, Joel has helped people manage, optimise and protect their wealth, conducting lectures on financial planning issues, and holding public seminars and symposiums in California, USA. He's the author of ‘Common Centimos - How to Manage, Grow and Protect your Wealth’.

PARA ANDERSON - Marketing Strategy Consultant. Para Anderson is Founder, Brand and Marketing Strategist at G2G Catalysts, LLC. Para has dedicated her time and talent over the last 13 years to serving Southern California’s growing and increasingly influential Filipino-American community. She is an advocate of Filipino-American interests, and passionate about promoting and uplifting the image of Filipino-Americans and their businesses. Para has 25 years of experience and direct involvement in launching innovative marketing programmes and technology products for Fortune 100 companies. She co-founded G2G Catalysts, LLC - an integrated marketing consultancy with the singular goal of guiding clients by providing sound, practical and expert advice.

GRACE CEPEDA LARA - Community Service Leader. A well-connected and highly-respected member of Philippines society, she has a rich background in marketing and promotions, as well as successful stints in fund raising for major not-for-profit organisations. Her most recent position was Director for Major Donor Development of CBN Asia.

JANET MAGHRABLIAN - President, Inner Wheel Club Metro Premier. Janet is a leader in several social services organisations that include Rotary International, Soroptomist International, and the Inner Wheel Club. She is Co-founder and Marketing Director of Plaza International Travel and Tourism, Khartoum, Sudan, where she is in charge of inbound and outbound tours between Africa, Asia and Europe.

MICHELLE VILLAMOR - Entrepreneur, AXA Financial Advisor. Founder and Owner of Dorchelle Jewelry and Natalie Lei Fashion Boutique, she is also a travel agency Business Development Consultant and a former Managing Director of BNKC Travel and Guide Inc.

ROMEL DELMO BUCOY (Lance) - Marketing & Events Management Consultant. Lance has considerable experience organising major events and international concerts - including talent booking and negotiations. He combines his marketing and events management experience with graphic design, social media and blogging services.

FERDDY MARK SARDAN - Licensed Customs Broker. Ferddy works as private broker for one of the top performing companies in Manila, and has experience in import, export and supply chain management.