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Steve Wolstenholme at Asia CEO Forum

10,000 jobs can be found in a compound at the heart of ASEANA City, another good news isn't it? 

How do they do it? 

Steve Wolsteholme oversees one of the largest integrated hotel-resort developments in the world. Many think Tiger Resort will be the tipping point to establish the nation as one of the world’s premier global tourism destinations.

The iconic landmark facility is considered the nation’s largest and most advanced construction project. The investment required could reach as much as $3B for just the first phase.
Steve Wolstenholme and his team are scrambling to meet construction schedules and, at the same time, are hiring and training 10,000 Filipinos to meet his commitment to be open for business by the end of the year.

Come for this rare opportunity to see and hear the key people who are moving Philippines to a new level of prosperity and capability.

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Ambassador Jose Cuisia to Speak at the Asia CEO Forum on August 10, 2016

HE’S BACK! After a stellar posting as Philippine Ambassador to the United States, Ambassador Jose Cuisia has returned to Philippines.  He will share his recent and past experiences in a special informal setting for Asia CEO Forum on Wednesday, August 10 (7:45am to 9:00am) at the Marriott Grand Ballroom. 

Considered among the most successful leaders of this era, Ambassador Jose Cuisia’s career spans both the private and public sectors. He was long-term CEO of country’s largest insurance group, known widely as Philam Life. He was the 7th Governor of the Central Bank of the Philippines and past CEO of the Philippine Social Security System (SSS) during a tumultuous period in history.

Ambassador Cuisia has served on the boards of Philippines’ most important private sector organizations and academic institutions.
Jose Cuisia was the first Filipino to receive the Joseph Wharton Lifetime Achievement Award from the Wharton Club of Washington, D.C. He is also recipient of the Lifetime Contributor award at Asia CEO Awards 2015.

Join us to hear, connect with, and learn from, one of the most influential and accomplished men currently active in Philippines today.

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ASIA SME SUMMIT 2016: Build Better Businesses. Build Better Nations

Join Asia SME Summit 2016 to learn from and be inspired by the success of some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the country. They started businesses from scratch and are transforming the nation from one dependent on a few dozen large enterprises for growth to one propelled by thousands.


ASIA BPM SUMMIT 2016: Center of the Universe

As the global growth leader in business process management, Philippines has become the fastest growing country in Asia and a success standard for others to follow.

BUT, risks of overheating are everywhere. Roughly 60 companies are currently setting up new operations in the country – the highest number ever.

How can the sector possibly keep up when it is already stretched to the limit due to mammoth growth plans of current operators and a crisis in transport infrastructure? The addition of so many new locators at once, each with grandiose expansion plans, will push the sector over the edge, many believe.

Join Asia BPM Summit 2016 to hear and meet the leaders who are behind the industry that is powering growth of Asia’s new tiger economy.

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Speakers for Asia BPM Summit 2016 include (in approximate order of appearance):


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Breakfast forum with Ramesh Nair

Together, India and Philippines stand head-and-shoulders above the rest of the world as the dominant global players in IT-BPO. The fast growing sector continues to drive economic growth in both countries.

The Indian IT-BPO is now 30 years old and still has many lessons for Philippines. Hear the most senior hands-on real estate leader of India show the progress and future of the sector, and how it will impact key industries such as real estate.

Ramesh Nair is Chief Operating Officer of JLL India and Managing Director of the key western region where JLL is the far ahead market leader in all business segments.

Ramesh is considered a mover-shaker in the global JLL organization and, as International Director, at the highest level in the firm globally. He is a Director on the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) Global Regulatory Board. He is also visiting faculty for Services Marketing at Jamnalal Bajaj and LIBA, both top 10 B Schools in India.

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ASIA WOMEN'S SUMMIT 2016: The Beauty of Dreams

Asia Women’s Summit 2016 is an opportunity to hear how many of the nation’s and region’s most remarkable women have built extremely successful careers while managing family and other responsibilities.

Any enterprise that does not harness the power of women is doomed to failure or gross under-achievement. Learn how to dramatically improve your business by better developing these under-appreciated dynamos.

Some of the subjects discussed include:
+How to work well with both men (and other women)
+How to grow your career while maintaining family and personal relationships
+How women can become true global leaders

For men, this event will be critical to understanding how women really think and how to motivate and support them in their careers and lives.

Will be held at the Marriott Hotel in Pasay on January 20th, 2016; Wednesday 9:00 am - 4:30 pm.

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Asia CEO Forum: All roads lead to Davao

All eyes of the Philippine business community are on Mindanao’s most dynamic economic region,with the first-ever Asia CEO Forum in Davao City 

DAVAO CITY, PHILIPPINES—It is undeniable that Davao City, one of the Philippines’ leading economic regions, has been a hot topic of discussion lately. With Mayor Rodrigo Duterte recently announcing his bid for the highest position in the land, the eyes of the nation, as well as the international business community, have been trained on this city in Southern Mindanao.

With Metro Manila treading the path of over-congestion, Richard Mills, CEO of Chalré Associates, avers that the investment community is now exploring and looking into key cities outside the Philippines capital as potential areas of investment. “The Philippines has become one of the premier regional hubs in the Southeast Asian region. While much of the investment has been concentrated in Metro Manila, other key cities in the Philippines like Davao and Cebu also have thepotential to be operation centers for business expansion in the country,” he says.Mills’ company is behind the Asia CEO Forum and the recently held Asia CEO Awards.

One of the most widely attended regular business event in the Philippines, the Asia CEO Forum held its first-ever multi-speaker engagement in Davao City’s Marco Polo Hotel last December 1, 2015. Davao, with its key location in Mindanao, the Philippines’ largest island group and the most untapped in terms of economic opportunities, presented the perfect location for senior business executives and investors to network with the Mindanao business society.
Architect Jun Palafox (center) interacts with the audience on how to improve Davao City during yesterday Asia CEO forum held at The Marco Polo, Davao. Palafox, who discussed latest architectural trends and urban planning, was joined by fellow resource persons JLL Philippines research, consulting and valuation head Claro Cordero (second from left), IBEX Global Davao site director Resi Cayabyab (seconnd from right) and Davao City Investment Promotions Center (DCIPC) officer in charge Ivan Cortez (rightmost). Lean Daval Jr. Photo and caption  by: 

An outstanding lineup of speakers highlighted the market potential of Davao as an investment hub,including world-renowned Architect Jun Palafox, the principal architect and urban planner of Palafox Associates, one of the nation’s best known architecture and urban planning firms. Overseeing one of the largest BPO locators in Davao, Resi Cayabyab, Site Director of IBEX | Global, discussed the industry’s opportunity for growth and employment in the region. Jones Lang LaSalle Philippines’ Claro Cordero, who heads the company’s Research team, discussed the growth of key real estate sectors in Davao and south of the Philippines.

 Davao City Administrator Jesus Melchor Quitain gave a thorough presentation on how investors can easily get things done in Davao City.Organized by an alliance of Filipino and international business leaders, the Asia CEO Forum operates with the mission to promote the Philippines as a premier business destination to global decision makers. Usually held in Manila, the forum’s presenters comprise leaders of industries engaged in their pursuit to boost the country’s significance to the entire region.

Touted one of the most liveable and safest cities in Asia by various ranking bodies, Mills shares that increasing interest among the local and international business community prompted his company to expand its presence and advocacy in Davao City. “Davao City is fast progressing to become one of the major growth areas in the country, and this has attracted the attention of global and multinational enterprises looking to expand their presence in this bustling region of the Philippines. We want to serve as a platform for business and industry leaders to know more about Davao, as well as engage in potential investment opportunities with the Mindanao business community across such sectors as BPO, real estate, tourism, and agriculture,” states Mills.


ASIA LOGISTICS SUMMIT 2015: Challenges & Opportunities

Asia Logistics Summit 2015, presented by LBC Express, is the premier event in Philippines for logistics and supply chain professionals and all those who use their services. Learn how to improve your business by hearing from premier leaders in the industry.

Asia Logistics Summit 2015 brings together the most senior leaders of the logistics sector in Philippines who are responsible for shaping the future of the industry and its key place in the economy.

Logistics is considered one of the most talked about (and controversial) sectors in the economy. Some of the issues include: overstretched capacity at ports, political truck bans, escalating TRUCKING COST, delays unloading goods, disappearing warehouse space due to condo development, increasing costs of staff, logistics outsourcing, huge technology changes, on and on.

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ASIA HEALTH SUMMIT 2015: Next Generation Preventive Health

Without immediate and drastic change, Filipinos face an epidemic of misery and early death from so-called Lifestyle Diseases. International studies conclusively state that 60% of deaths are now caused by ailments such as heart disease, stroke and diabetes – a colossal increase from just a generation ago.

Rates of such diseases in emerging countries across the world are on track to dramatically over-shoot those of the most unhealthy countries of the west. Philippines is thought by many to be leading the way in Asia because of a fast growing middle-class and strong western cultural influences.

The World Health Organization believes Philippines faces a “double burden” because it is still fighting malnutrition and high rates of infectious diseases. The “new pandemic” of Lifestyle Diseases will overwhelm health services of the nation unless rates of increase can be stopped – but, if anything, they continue to increase.

Asia CEO Awards: Leadership development crucial to sustain PH economic growth

MANILA, PHILIPPINES—“There is an urgent need for companies in the Philippines to plan for succession,” asserts distinguished economist Dr. Bernie Villegas.

Dr. Bernie Villegas - Economist
A member of the esteemed Board of Judges of the Asia CEO Awards, Dr. Villegas has remained consistent in his bold economic forecasts for the Philippines, even stating in numerous occasions that “regardless of who will occupy the highest seat in the land come 2016, the country’s growth trajectory will continue on for the next 10 years.”

The Philippines’ engines of growth, Villegas says, has nothing to do with politics. “We have the more than 10 million Filipinos sending $28 billion a year, which increases at three to five percent annually, as well as the high earnings of the BPO sector that’s now at $18 billion and growing annually at 18 percent—that’s the amount of purchasing power you have in the hands of Filipinos today, and these are all independent of politics,” he states.

It is precisely because the Philippines is now one of the fastest growing economies in Asia that the country is facing the urgent need to develop more leaders within business organizations—across all levels. “If we’re growing, we have to make sure we have the right leaders in our corporations,” Dr. Villegas says.

As the pace of business quickens, there is a common tendency for organizations to focus on immediate business concerns and pay less attention to such systemic issues as leadership development that ultimately drive long-term success. According to Dr. Villegas, this is exactly what is happening in most businesses in the Philippines. “A lot of companies do not really plan for succession. I’m concerned that some corporations keep on recycling executives who are already in their 70s—it’s evident that management development isn’t being given a lot of priority,” he says.


Asia CEO Forum: Breakfast Forum with Chris Fossick, Managing Director, Jones Lang Lasalle

Chris Fossick, Managing Director- Southeast Asia, of JLL, Asia’s largest real estate advisory firm, tells the future of the sector at Asia CEO Forum. Considered the most senior commercial real estate leader in Southeast Asia, Chris Fossick will demonstrate the irrefutable trends impacting the key sector that is critical to economic growth in Philippines and the ASEAN region.

The issues and concerns facing real estate seem overwhelming and contradictory:
 + Does anybody really think BPO can continue to drive growth in office, retail and condo construction?
 + Is tourism development finally becoming an engine of growth or will it always be just another lost opportunity?
 + At what point will infrastructure deficiencies crush Metro Manila and halt economic growth for the entire nation?
 + Is it true that Philippines is actually considered a real estate powerhouse in Asia?
 + Will the ASEAN free market be more bad than good for Philippines?
 + Isn’t Metro Manila already saturated with shopping malls and condo towers?
 + Do the negatives of the casino industry outweigh the positives of tourism development?

Chris oversees operations in Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam. Chris also sits on the Asia Pacific Executive Committee. Jones Lang LaSalle Asia Pacific employs 20,800 employees in 77 offices in 13 countries across the region.

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RELOAD YOUR DREAMS: Unleash Your Life! Drive Performance

BE WITH US for a special professional and business success afternoon featuring 3 of the nation’s leading developers of leadership and personal achievement. RELOAD YOUR DREAMS on the afternoon of Thursday, August 27 from 2pm – 6pm at the fabulous Makati Diamond Residences, Makati’s newest 5-star hotel facility. Free parking in the building.

Be developed and inspired to unleash your own dreams and join on their way to the top. If Philippines is the remain the fastest growing country in Asia, huge numbers of world-class leaders must be developed in a hurry.

World class organizations are ready to pay world class incomes to those with the skills and motivation to required. Develop yourself and develop your country. Send your staff, send your family, send yourself.

Speakers for RELOAD YOUR DREAMS are:

Ace Itchon
President and CEO
Aspen Philippines

Ace rose from the ranks to become one of the nation’s most prominent CEO’s and builder of businesses. She built her current organization from the ground to become one of the fastest growing in her industry. Awarded for her Exceptional Leadership abilities, she has helped raise up the careers of hundreds of people.
 TOPIC: Driving High Performance Across Functions and Generations

Bjorn Martinoff
President and Founder
The Fortune100 Coaches Network

Bjorn is the author of the book ‘ Develop Exponential Power, a thought-leader, and CEO Coach with upwards of 20 years experience as an Executive Coach, organizational development consultant, trainer and facilitator of top multinational, regional and global teams.
 TOPIC: Unleashing Incredible Growth in Your Team

Rebecca Bustamante
Asia CEO Forum

Rebecca worked her way from abject poverty to one of the nation’s most recognized entrepreneurs. Called Maid-to-Made, her achievements have been the subject of numerous primetime programs on GMA (Kapuso, Wagas, Mars), ABS-CBN, TV5, among many others.
TOPIC: Leading YOU to Your Dreams

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ASIA HR SUMMIT: Turning HR Managers into Country Managers

Asia HR Summit, presented by SyncHRony Global, features many of the region’s most prominent HR Leaders speaking on how to finally bring HR into the boardroom.

“Turning HR Managers Into Country Managers” is the theme of Asia HR Summit 2016. Human Resources has emerged as THE key function of the fast growing economies of Asia, and especially Philippines. With supposedly vast supplies of world-class talent available, companies from around the world are expanding their staff at double digit rates. At the same time, local companies are scrambling to staff their own grandiose growth plans and finding it harder to compete with higher costs and demands from candidates.

HR holds the key to business success but…
+ Will HR people ever be thought of business people?
+ Can technology save HR or just make it even more bureaucratic?
+ Will the supply of skilled workers ever keep up with demand?
+ Is out-of-control salary inflation unavoidable for the foreseeable future?
+ Will Asean integration mean huge losses of skilled people for Philippines?


David Sutherland at Asia CEO Forum

David Sutherland runs what may be the largest local charitable organization active in the Philippines. ICM (International Care Ministries) focuses on transforming the lives of the ultrapoor – people earning less than Php20.00 (US 0.50 cents) per day. You have not heard of ICM in the past but the organization is set to become globally recognized because of the success they are having now in this country.

They are already active in 5,000 communities. Their goal is to expand their services to TRANSFORM EVERY SINGLE BARANGAY in Visayas and Mindanao by the end of the decade. The result will be to rise up the entire nation from the bottom of the pyramid and end forever the hunger, disease, fear and hopelessness that millions of Filipinos face every day.

See David Sutherland, CEO of ICM, at Asia CEO Forum on Thursday, August 6 at the beautiful Makati Diamond Residences.

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ASIA CEO TALK: Senator Bongbong Marcos Jr.

Hear leading presidential candidate, Senator Ferdinand (Bongbong) Marcos Jr. on July 29, 2015 for a special luncheon at the Marriott Hotel Manila (beside Resorts World).

With a 25-year career of serving the Filipino people and one of the most storied political dynasties behind him, strategists are more and more predicting a Marcos victory in the 2016 election. They expect a crowded field of candidates and the resulting split of voting blocks will impact all candidates except for Marcos who will retain his traditional support.

Will your vote be for Bongbong Marcos in the upcoming election?

Join us and decide for yourself.

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Asia CEO Talk is a regular luncheon series featuring prominent non-business speakers making a difference in Philippines and Asia.


ASIA CEO SOCIAL: Business Networking Night

On July 16, 2015, be with friends for business networking for Asia CEO Social at Twenty-four Seven McKinley, 7th Avenue corner 24th Street, Bonifacio Global City.

Asia CEO Social has been created to allow the people who are building this country into a first world nation to support and encourage one another. Enjoy cocktails and hors-doeuvres and build working relationships with those who are making a difference in Philippines and Asia. The success of all our businesses and careers are dependent on people who know us and believe in us.

It is easy to do business when you have friends who are backing you. Whether it’s uncovering clients, sourcing suppliers, forming partnerships, choosing who to hire or acquiring advice, if we are to be successful, we all need friendships with people who trust and respect us.

Join us from 5:30pm to 8:30pm at Twenty-four Seven McKinley, 7th Avenue corner 24th Street, Bonifacio Global City. Enjoy the sunset with free-flowing cocktails and hors-doeuvres. The price of admission is just Php1,000.

Asia CEO Social is presented by JLL, the nation’s premier real estate advisory firm.

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Revolutionary Trends in Architecture and Urban Planning by Palafox on Asia CEO Forum

On July 7, 2015, join us for this regular executive series featuring Jun Palafox, Principal Architect-Urban Planner, and, for the first time, Karima Palafox, Managing Partner/Urban Planner.


+ Urban Development and Integrated Town Planning in the Philippines
+ Transit-engaged mixed use development
+ Tourism Planning, Hotel Architecture and Design