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ASIA HR SUMMIT: Turning HR Managers into Country Managers

Asia HR Summit, presented by SyncHRony Global, features many of the region’s most prominent HR Leaders speaking on how to finally bring HR into the boardroom.

“Turning HR Managers Into Country Managers” is the theme of Asia HR Summit 2016. Human Resources has emerged as THE key function of the fast growing economies of Asia, and especially Philippines. With supposedly vast supplies of world-class talent available, companies from around the world are expanding their staff at double digit rates. At the same time, local companies are scrambling to staff their own grandiose growth plans and finding it harder to compete with higher costs and demands from candidates.

HR holds the key to business success but…
+ Will HR people ever be thought of business people?
+ Can technology save HR or just make it even more bureaucratic?
+ Will the supply of skilled workers ever keep up with demand?
+ Is out-of-control salary inflation unavoidable for the foreseeable future?
+ Will Asean integration mean huge losses of skilled people for Philippines?