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Asia Sales & Marketing Summit 2015

 Presented by PLDT Alpha Enterprise features high-profile industry leaders presenting topics of significance to driving revenue creation in their businesses and for the entire nation. The purpose of the event is to bridge the gap between sales and marketing and inspire greater respect and professionalism of both professions by highlighting the country’s top practitioners.

Any business owner will tell you it’s easy to create a product or a service. The real challenge is: HOW TO SELL IT?

Hear from some of the country’s most successful sales and marketing leaders describe how they built or turned around companies and product lines through world class sales and marketing and absolute dedication to their customers and employees.

Speakers include:
Daniel Ericksen – flying in from Washington DC to describe how to disrupt the sales process to dramatically improve sales effectiveness.

Pauline Fermin – one of the region’s most experienced marketing leaders will show how to use world-class marketing strategies to dominate your industry.

Jonathan De Luzuriaga – President of the Philippines Software Industry Association (PSIA) and Global Business Development Head of ADEC Innovations, one of the nation’s most international companies.

Rebecca Bustamante – Known as the Maid-to-Made, Rebecca has become one of the nation’s inspirational figures. Her story has been featured on numerous primetime television programs (ANC, TV5, GMA, SMNI, IBC-13, BiznewsAsia, etc.).

For registration pls click this link