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Tree Top Adventure Baguio: Extreme Fun, Extreme Adventure!

Extreme adventure and extreme relaxation at Tree Top Adventure Baguio, the only motorized zipline in the Philippines and the only Team Building facility in Baguio. With seven outdoor activities and team building facilities, located within Camp John Hay, surrounded by pine trees and overlooking breathtaking views, Tree Top Adventure Baguio offers an adventure of a lifetime.

(c) Grace Nicolas
For the thrill seekers who want to experience extreme adventure, you might want to experience our Tree Drop in which you’ll be suspended 60 feet above the ground, mission impossible style and you’ll be falling as fast as 2 to 3 seconds. This Tree Top’s most extreme activity costs Php 150.00 only and this is one way to really quench your thirst for adrenaline rush. You might also want to try our rides done in pairs: the Superman Ride and Silver Surfer. As the name implies, you’ll be ziplining, Superman Style, 200 meters long, 150 feet above the ground, but instead of doing it just forwards, you would also be ziplining backwards. Silver Surfer is a 60 degree diagonal motorized zipline in which you’ll be standing on a specialized platform and you’ll be gliding up and down for three cycles. Expect that there would be stops and swings for every cycle. For Php 300.00 and Php 200.00 respectively, you could experience what superheroes feel as they fly and glide through the air.
Photo by Tree top Baguio
If your company plans to have a convention or seminar at Baguio, you might want to experience our Team Building Activities which includes two high element activities (Tree Drop and Silver Surfer), five low element activities, boodle lunch and facilitators for just Php 800.00 per head only.The activities would really challenge each member and how they work with their workmates. Work and play, as the cliché says!For those who want to experience extreme relaxation, you could try the Canopy and Funicular ride which costs Php350.00. The Canopy is similar to the concept of cable cars, but instead, you’ll be seated on cable chairs in which you’ll be transferring from one station to another until you complete all eight stations. When you reach the station four of the Canopy, you would walk for around 2 to 3 minutes to be able to reach the connecting ride of Canopy which is the Funicular ride. 
Photo by Tree top Baguio
This ride is similar to the concept of elevator, but, instead of standing up, you’ll be seated. This is at least a way for you to conquer your fear of heights. But, if you really have extreme fear of heights, you could just avail the Trekking and Skywalk in which you would walk around Tree Top’s area and go up the skywalk area, or the viewing deck in which you could see the mountains of Itogon, Benguet or what they call the old Baguio before. You could stay at the Skywalk areas long as you want to take pictures and feel the cold breeze.
You might also want to try another branch of Tree Top Adventure Subic located at the JEST Area, Upper Mau Cubi Point Subic Bay Freeport Zone. For more information, you could contact (074) 442-0800 or 0932 404 1112. You could also visit our website To be more updated, you could like our Facebook and follow us on Instagram @tree_top_adventure.


50's Diner: My Super Burger Encounter

50's Diner Baguio City . My Super Burger encounter

A simple Lunch and get-together with my friends at 50's Diner in Baguio City. One night before the bonding time, my friend asked me if I love burger, then I said YES without blinking my eyes because I really wanna see what's 50's Diner is.

The restaurant isn't that huge, but they can accommodate for approximately 60 to 100 heads per dining. I can see people waiting outside for their turn to get in.  We were seven then so we didn't wait for our turn for so long. I was seated near the counter area because I was trying to figure out the design of the place  from the kitchen all the way to the doorway and I got it right what was puzzling on my head. Their wall filled with photos/poster  of the1950's popular singers, like Elvies Presley, Marilyn Monroe and more.

The photos below shows how great encounter it was during our get-together at the said restaurant.

My Juicy Giant Burger. So Yummy. So Delicious!!!

My friends Ralph and Byd amazingly doing their 3 kinds of acting in front of their giant sandwiches.

The table is complete with happy friends and perfect food.
from left: Ralph, Byd, Majoy, Ms. Ning, Joanne, Jenny and Myself.



Yours truly and my friends: Ralph, Ms. Ningning Doble and Jenny

A week ago, My Friends and I went to Baguio City for an Event (PUSONG PINOY HEROES RUN) held at the Burnham Park. The most memorable experience ever had. It was a week where typhoon Mina also had her Vacation at the said city.  Our Team leaders and coordinators booked us at Reyalta Inn, a place where we found our little way of peace and relaxation.

Reyalta Inn is a typical Filipino "hotel like" house where they accommodate tourists both foreign and locals.  It's like a big house with common living room with veranda where you can standby and relax, or if you are a smoker yes you can use the area I believe. And there's this room  beside the bar where I liked the most, though we didn't have the chance to use it but I find it cozy and clean it's the KTV room.

Walking distance from SM,  and the famous Session Road and if you're a burger lover it's also a walking distance to the famous 50's diners near the Pink Sisters Convent. 

So I must say thanks Reyalta for giving us a good stay,  Also I wanna thank Mary Chris for the excellent assistance.  - see you when I see you, Till next vacation.


If There's A Will, There's A Way

For Heroes in Baguio City they have just justified what is the meaning of this line "If There's A Will, There's A Way". No matter how bad the weather is,  if you are willing to do something for the good of the many "yes" you can really do it. Hundreds of heroes made it possible as Pusong Pinoy held their first ever run for a cause called the PUSONG PINOY HEROES' RUN happened last August 28, 2011 at Burnham Park. 
Photo by: Mary Christine P Dulnuan (Pusong Pinoy runner)

Runners from all walks of life shows their support, conquers the typhoon with smiles and pride. The event started at 5:00 am, the coldest morning I've experienced, strong winds, fogs and heavy rain kisses the streets of Baguio pushes the runners and organizers to go away to leave the place, but everyone are all geared up with courage to run for a good cause.

Through the help of so many heroes and superheroes  across the globe, and of course with the full effort and force of  Baguio Benguet Team headed by: Team Leaders Ning Doble, Adi Lappao, Byd Nalibsan Bawayan, Jenny Soriano Oliva, Majoy Toyaoan-Lumiwes and  Joanne Suyam and hundreds of volunteers made it possible for every hero who wants to make a difference. And also through the big help of COOL CITY Baguio. 

City Team Leader, Team Leader and Vice Team Leader  from Hongkong and Manila were present cheering up their support as well.  

After the HEROES' Run,  although some registrants weren't able to claim their breakfast so the PP Superheroes and the Dawn to Dusk HEROES went to the Baguio General Hospital to give them to the sick. Pusong Pinoy were able to feed hundreds of patients in one day.

CTL HONGKONG Angel Martinez
Manila Core Team Leader Susan Chua
True enough if you have the heart to help others you can do everything whatever, wherever or whenever it is.

For more information about Pusong Pinoy Click here or like them on Facebook