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Dare to Care (DTC) Shares Love at Sapa Moro Elementary School

December 18, 2014 - Just in time-together with the teachers of Sapa Moro Elementary School teachers Eden Deleon and Novelyn Galvez through the help of  Dare to Care Group from the States, school kids from Sapa Moro Elementary School were able to experience a happy Christmas that added more spirit to their Christmas Party.

Teacher Eden's distributing the school supplies

From left: Lance, Teacher Eden Deleon and Teacher Novelyn Galvez
Teacher Novelyn and her grade 2 kids are dancing Ooops kiri kiri
A hilly side and 80-100 kilometers away from the  City of Zamboanga there lies a very peaceful and beautiful school called  Sapa Moro Elementary School, a kinda far from the busy city but the school owns a charm and calm beauty, a paradise for all especially for the students/people who lives nearby. Calm and beautiful at least per my observation.

This School "Sapa Moro Elementary School" is in need more of HELP especially the school kids, where  among them are somehow struggling to go to school everyday, some  are only wearing busted slippers everyday just to attend classes, that made more sad when I saw some of them  when I visited the school.

From this day on, DTC and I and some people with kind heart will continue to give love to these kids  and let them feel that they are loved not just for the sake of this season "Christmas" but all the days of their school life.

Thank you so much Dare to Care (DTC) for making these kids feel the true meaning of Christmas.

I would also like to thank my Cousin Emily Bucoy-Delos Reyes for Donating boxes of ballpen, notebooks and colored papers.

Note: This is DTC's second series of Christmas gift giving. First week of December was at Latuan Elementary school.


Barangay Latuan, the Cave capital of Zamboanga.

542509_385019231545897_969780158_nLatuan Rice field and the Jalon Cave

Locals said that the Jalon Cave  is “the graveyard of Subanon people” long time ago. Like most other caves in the Philippines specially in the Northern part of Luzon, tribes used to leave dead body inside the cave as their belief and customs. So if you happen to do some caving activity in Latuan, consider  the Jalon Cave  and discover history on your own because  it (cave) is not yet been authenticated by any agency concerned so be the first.
537630_385025091545311_1392854401_nHistory and story behind this rock formation. Can you see anything?


Barangay Latuan is blooming, booming and transforming through tourist spots and more

A not so far community (barangay) in the eastern part of Zamboanga City where farming plays the major role of all the locals living here. A very simple, calm and fresh life can be found here,  far from the busy  traffic and rude pedestrians. I grew up and had my grade school life, my parents, relatives and some childhood friends are living here, this is our place Latuan.

552792_102612506546770_1268381765_nLatuan Elementary School

COPRA (Coconut Farming)

Community Chapel

The only thing that I clearly remember until now is my school life way back 1991-96, years where I first learned my ABCs and 123 had my first crush until I bid goodbye in 1996 to pursue my High School and partial College  years in  the city then moved to Manila to finish my Marketing course and to work as well.