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Tour Around Sonya's

One superb afternoon touring around Sonya's Garden in Tagaytay for the second time around before having a massage at their best spa.

Garden way to the the breakfast area


Bed and Breakfast

What comes to your mind when you hear Tagaytay? Maybe the View of Taal Volcano and lake, The Peoples Park, Tagaytay Highland, SeƱoritas, Pineapple and etc and etc., well for me it's all about Bed and Breakfast.

 In the rolling hills with lush green and colorful flowery ornamental plants, far from the busy city, where birds and butterflies freely flies lies  the House and Garden of Sonya called Sonya's Garden Bed and Breakfast. A typical Filipino house offers only the best Filipino and Western food and serves organic rice and fresh farm fruits like mangoes, pineapple and a lot more.

Last year my friends and I visited the place and had our breakfast at 7, it was like my ordinary morning turns into fairytale having breakfast together with Peter Pan and friends in the middle of the Neverland Garden, Can you imagine that?

 "All the Bed and Breakfast cottages are named after herbs, which, like her garden, reflect Sonya’s love for aromatic things. Inspired by her simple country lifestyle, the Bed and Breakfast facility was born out of insistent pleas from guests to stay awhile longer in Sonya’s private sanctuary. In the short time that it has been open to the public, many have already vowed to return for a myriad of simple joys, like waking up to the smell of flowers, languishing in bed from last night’s soothing massage, contemplating in the undisturbed solitude that surrounds each cottage, relaxing by the charming bay windows that opens into a view of nature in its entire splendor, the warm hospitality of Sonya and her staff—and other delightful discoveries that has made a stay at the B&B a unique experience for every person."
Sonya's Garden not only offers good food but also a good stay, for those who are planning to escape and get lost from the noisy world for quite sometimes or for a day or two then Sonya's Garden Garden in Tagaytay is waiting for you. The place to relax, the place to replenish your tired body and soul.

Going home with big smile,  See you again Sonya's Garden