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#ChristmasinZamboanga2014 -- Pascua na zamboanga 2014

Our message to the world. This is our City. This is our HOME, come and celebrate with us.
Paz y Amor na Zamboanga, (Peace and Love in Zamboanga) Feliz Pascua a todo (Merry Christmas everyone)


Colorful Regatta De Zamboanga

These colorful sailboats race "REGATTA" has always been a part of Zamboanga Hermosa Festival as one of the highlights imparted during the month of October. Just recently, the office of the city mayor and the city tourism has successfully made a mark again. Colorful vintas from all over coastline's fishermen came together, sailed and attracted thousands of visitors from and outside zamboanga city.

Colorful experience indeed always here in the colorful city of Zamboanga. Gracias por tu mga bunito colores!

All photos courtesy of Councilor Gerky Valesco 


Christmas in Zamboanga City

"SINONG NAGSASABI NA MAGULO SA ZAMBOANGA CITY?" Well, the lights can tell you how safe you are when you are in the city. I am a proud ZamboangeƱo, I grew up there studied and had my first job way back year 2003.

Taken by By Querilyn Aba Dec. 2011

Zamboanga City, is a city that can offer what other city can, and may give you more than what you want. City night life is just the same as Manila has, Restobars with live bands are everywhere. During daytime it's "business as usual", you can go to Barter Trade Center at Canelar,  visit some malls and drop by at the Pasalubong Center  near the Fort Pilar as well and refresh yourselves at the Paseo del mar during sun setting.

Taken by By Querilyn Aba Dec. 2011
Every December, this building (City Hall) is transforming into an enchanted kingdom of lights, where colorful Christmas light decors are shining and sparkling attracting visitors to come closers and discover its beauty face to face. Promising its people the brighter city ahead.

Zamboanga City is a city for all, a simple place with natural richness that soon to show you more. 

I spent my Christmas in my home town 3 years ago, and my one week vacation is not enough to rediscover the beauty of Zamboanga City.
Taken by Lance, December 2008

How to get there?
From Manila : there are three major domestic airline flights and it will only take for about 1 hr and 45mins going there.

There are also available inter island flights  (to and) from "Zamboanga City International Airport" to selected destinations in Mindanao, Visayas and Luzon (esp. Manila)

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Special Thanks to  Ms. Querilyn Aba for the latest photos.