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David Sutherland at Asia CEO Forum

David Sutherland runs what may be the largest local charitable organization active in the Philippines. ICM (International Care Ministries) focuses on transforming the lives of the ultrapoor – people earning less than Php20.00 (US 0.50 cents) per day. You have not heard of ICM in the past but the organization is set to become globally recognized because of the success they are having now in this country.

They are already active in 5,000 communities. Their goal is to expand their services to TRANSFORM EVERY SINGLE BARANGAY in Visayas and Mindanao by the end of the decade. The result will be to rise up the entire nation from the bottom of the pyramid and end forever the hunger, disease, fear and hopelessness that millions of Filipinos face every day.

See David Sutherland, CEO of ICM, at Asia CEO Forum on Thursday, August 6 at the beautiful Makati Diamond Residences.

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