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Sweet Holiday Treats

Make your holiday sweet and memorable. Treat yourself, treat your friends and treat your loved ones. Show them your sweetness through their senses of tastes. Soft buttery egg bread generously topped with grated Parmesan Cheese (Ensaimada) is perfect for mothers, or treat you girl/boy friend a box of Cheese Rolls, a cheddar cheese strips wrapped in a soft buttery egg dough and smothered with grated Parmesan Cheese oh what a life! Or an Apple Pie for Ate and Palmiers for Dad.

I tried some of the Gourmet Breadhouse products and one word I must say "PERFECT".  That's why FOOD MAGAZINE  featured them along with the best in food products in the November Issue, this magazine is the largest selling culinary magazine here and abroad.

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THE GOURMET BREADHOUSE  products are perfect presents this holiday.
Call them at 5335491 or 7999822 for our holiday food items.


Designs for Sweets and Yummies

Designing up a good menu design is not that easy as eating pasta and steak. Sometimes it will take for about 2 days to one week to come up a good one.  As an artist myself it's a tough challenge for me on how to make the food more presentable, yummy and satisfying even just in matte printed paper only.

Chefs needs do the tasting, cleaning, choosing the appropriate plate to use and even calculating the time in serving the dishes to their guests from the kitchen all the way to the dining table are their main concerns.

Photo/s by Patisserie Manila Pavilion
Concepts and Designs by Lance

Artists does almost the same thing too, in designing such menu for food like this we (artists) see to it that we have the right/good photos (from a good photographer  of course) as our main ingredient, following and arranging grids, measurements and applying colors  as a background must always be observed and needs to do the trial and error in  printing and sometimes bring this to a panel discussions if needed before printing and give it away to the guests or to your target market.

For food artists / chefs its always the smell that comes first. And for the design artists, It's always the colors that matters.