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Cool Down and Relax with Evercool

MANILA, Philippines - Cool down. Relax. Never mind if the traffic congestion thickens; never mind if the afternoon heat rises to unbearable temperatures. As long as the heart of your car's engine bay is powered by an Evercool radiator, you can breathe easy.
Roberts AIPMC's line of high-quality automotive radiators brings the best value—and
peace of mind—to vehicle owners
This is the assurance that Roberts Automotive and Industrial Parts Manufacturing Corporation (Roberts AIPMC) provides as it continues to supply Evercool, the Philippines' leading line of automotive and industrial radiators. Stamped with cutting-edge technology, built to international manufacturing standards, and engineered for maximum cooling efficiency, Evercool radiators are uniquely designed to perform under extreme conditions, thus preventing engines—and tempers—from ever overheating.