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Zamboanga's native beads and wild seeds are all in one up-cycled product

Here in the Philippines some of our natural resources are becoming extinct nowadays, such as plants that produces beads  and other decorative products.

Job's Tears and Abricus Precatorius (Eye Jequerity) are slowly fading in the wild. So as  a call for reviving these indengenous plants Buensueños came up with an idea that can reproduce or replant Job's tears and Eye Jequerity  by encouraging people to plant more because these plants  will help them generate income in the near future.

Buensueños is producing up-cycled products and natural/raw materials that is mainly sustainable in Zamboanga City. Buensueños aims to promote the thrust of the government in recycling and upcycling materials and at the same time giving continuous livelihood projects in the mountain and in the urban areas in the City.

Some of Buensueños products are:
Tealight (made of spoon with Wild pine cones, Salawak seeds, Job’s Tears and Eye Jequerity), Lampshade made of bamboo, Basket made Coconut stick, Bread basket made stalks of Umbrella plant , hand aplique products and a lot more.

For more of Buensueños you may  visit them on facebook @