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5 Simple things we must learn from the CEOs.

I believe these are the steps why the CEOs succeed.

1. Never settle for okay lang.
Ideas wont get better if you stay contented to the things you think it's already okay when in fact you can give your best. Great things happen when you give your best whether it is for free or not.

2. Dream Some More.
Do not stop dreaming, when you accomplished something that you think it is a wish granted, dream even more, stay hungry from dreaming because through that dream you will learn a lot of lessons, through that dream, it will teach and help you to give more of your best and work harder.

3. Do it now.
When you want to get things done ASAP do it right away, do it now, stay away from maƱana habit, because nothing will happen today if you will do it next time.

4. Practice what you preach.
You are the ambassador of your own self, representing for something that you sell (whatever it is) reflects your own personality. Be passionate, be true, because after all, the people you will meet are the ones you can say your greatest critics in life.

5. Always believe that our dream is bigger than our fear.
Fear of rejection is one of the common factors why we stop and fail. If we believe that no amount of fear can break our strongest dream then no one can stop us from doing the impossible possible even the shameful rejection that can break a brave man's heart.