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Lenovo ideapad s400 Touch

Nowadays laptop users prefers  handy and easy to operate unit especially Graphic Designers. Lenovo ideapad s400 Touch - at first I was quite hesitant to buy this kind of  unit because I find it kinda light and low in performance based on the articles, reviews and forums I've read I but a gave my best try and luck to experience this kind of laptop. 

Well good for me I've made the right decision, though it's not that fancy one but per my taste and alobservation the performance is very  excellent, I didn't experience malfunctions so far and no over heating. 

I am only using Adobe Photoshop CS5 so far there's no signs of incompatibility problem yet.

What I like about this machine? is its design "slim" and touch,   though the battery is quite weak it only lasts for 3 hours.  To date this is a month old lappy now.