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Guiwan Bus terminal is the worst station on earth

It has been three months now since I've landed back in my hometown "the city of Zamboanga" . It's kinda frustrating because I am so much in love with my Bella Hermosa Ciudad  when I was in Manila back then. Since the time I came here it is always a fun thing to me riding a bus going to and coming from somewhere in the east coast of this city three times a week.
Bienvenidos Zamboanga! 
These two words are diamonds to my ears enough and perfect to be called that Zamboanga City is indeed the Latin City of Asia. Now, is the photo below can give justice to the word Bienvenidos? or it is a Mal Venidos? is this the right way we welcome visitors?

This Bus station is just one of the many fatal wounds of my Bella Hermosa. Are the local legislators ready to be Bella's doctors?

The City is booming, no questions to that. Remember our major terminals  serves as the brochures and business cards of our city but how are we going to attract investors and visitors if we have this kind of presentation? Perhaps it is just a mess.

Hasta La Vista!

June 21 is National Wellness Day

Did you know that 9 of the 10 leading causes of death in the Philippines are health related? And did you also know that just by eating better, making small lifestyle changes and doing moderate activity on most days of the week, we can reduce the risk of many diseases and increase our quality of life?


Cool Down and Relax with Evercool

MANILA, Philippines - Cool down. Relax. Never mind if the traffic congestion thickens; never mind if the afternoon heat rises to unbearable temperatures. As long as the heart of your car's engine bay is powered by an Evercool radiator, you can breathe easy.
Roberts AIPMC's line of high-quality automotive radiators brings the best value—and
peace of mind—to vehicle owners
This is the assurance that Roberts Automotive and Industrial Parts Manufacturing Corporation (Roberts AIPMC) provides as it continues to supply Evercool, the Philippines' leading line of automotive and industrial radiators. Stamped with cutting-edge technology, built to international manufacturing standards, and engineered for maximum cooling efficiency, Evercool radiators are uniquely designed to perform under extreme conditions, thus preventing engines—and tempers—from ever overheating.


Evercool Radiator

Making the Switch
Let the joyride roll ever onward with Roberts AIPMC's world-class Evercool radiators
It doesn't matter what it is—an overheating engine, a radiator leak, a cracked tank, a damaged fan; the experience of your car breaking down on your way to work, to school, to your house, to wherever, is never a pleasant one. It's also likely to cost plenty of time and money, to be spent on emergency phone calls, towing services, repairs at the automotive center, replacement parts, and other incidental fees.
One way to avoid these costs—to prevent the problems from even occurring—is to let the experts take lead.
"A quick and cheap fix might temporarily remedy faulty machinery, but it provides no guarantee that the problem will go away," says Mike Gonzalez, General Manager of Roberts Automotive and Industrial Parts Manufacturing Corporation (RAIPMC). "Upon evidence of any car trouble, too many will act without a sense of urgency, too many will fall into thinking that band-aid solutions are going to address critical issues with the car."
By "quick and cheap fix", Gonzalez means the tendency of car owners to buy surplus auto parts, to patronize service shops that don't offer warranties, or, as a first option, to DIY: do it yourself. But cutting corners isn't a good idea—especially not in a country where the high-temperature climate and traffic conditions place a significant strain on a car's engine bay. Radiators, in particular—the part that cools a vehicle's internal combustion engine and stabilizes temperature within the entire system—are prone to deterioration and damage. Yet despite the knowledge that the radiator is a priority component, car owners continue to be lured by "cheap and used" instead of "brand new," by low cost estimates instead of bottomline value.
"It's important to realize that problems with a radiator can't be solved by having it repaired, or by a replacing it with a surplus or used radiator," notes Gonzalez. "It's much more practical to make the switch to a brand new radiator."
To galvanize car owners into action, RAIPMC is working continuously to supply “Evercool,” the company's acclaimed line of high-quality automotive radiators. Launched in 1993, Evercool has since expanded to include 350 models of radiators, for cars, trucks, buses, agricultural machinery, industrail equipment, even computers and power plants—each model built to deliver world-class performance, rock-solid durability, and value-driven practicality.
With an ISO 9001:2008-certified quality management system, JIS-compliant  (Japanese International Standard) materials, and a manufacturing process that subjects each Evercool radiator to a number of rigid quality and durability tests, RAIPMC is able to create radiator products that don't let customers down on the road. The reliability of Evercool, in fact, has already been recognized by its growing clientele of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), including Mitsubishi Motors Philippines, Isuzu Philippines, Columbian Motors, Pilipinas Hino, and Suzuki.
All Evercool radiators are certified 100 percent leak-free, with a life expectancy of around 100,000 kilometers and—with proper maintenance and care—5 or more years of usage. They are also equipped with more water tubes and cooling fins than that of other radiator brands, thus maximizing cooling efficiency even amidst tropical temperatures and extreme driving conditions.
"By the way it looks and the way it works," Gonzalez says, "Evercool represents a unique design breakthrough, carefully crafted in a way that helps prevent the car's engine—and the car owner's temper—from overheating."
RAIPMC's expertise is not limited to manufacturing. The company is also known for its signature brand of service excellence, something that surplus parts sellers, shady dealers, and less capable service shops can't claim to provide. Apart from a strong warranty that protects each Evercool radiator against defects, RAIPMC also offers complete radiator assembly, special fabrication, supply of core, and recoring services—delivered by well-trained professionals who work to meet the highest standards and lift the burden off your shoulders (and pockets).
As RAIPMC's product and service portfolio for Evercool continues to expand, car owners now have a much more valuable solution to car trouble than surplus shopping or a DIY fix. Let the experts take lead—and let the joyride roll ever onward—with Evercool.
For more information about RAIPMC, visit


Take The Test

Are you Sexier, Braver and Smarter enough? if so, then show what you’ve got, take the test now!  TAKE THE TEST aims to make HIV testing accessible to everyone and promoting responsibility and social concern to the community.

Fhrancis Lopez, Mr. Philippines

Last February 26, TAKE THE TEST PROJECT held their pre photoshoot at the ASP building in Timog, Quezon City. Models, non-models including bloggers had the chance to participate in this one of a kind event. 

Here are some of the "behind the scene" photos, more pictures to be released soon by the great photographer Noel Abelardo and the TAKE THE TEST PROJECT.

Make-Up Area

Mr. Noel Abelardo, Official Photographer

Nikita Conwi Dj for Monster Radio RX93.1

 More photos click  HERE

People who made it that day are those who has the balls to say I'm  Sexier, Smarter and Braver to take the challenge. But  don't worry guys you still have the second chance SOON to say and show what you are.

I would like to extend my admiration to the people behind this project, the full effort of the volunteers up to the people who spearheaded this noble project.

Readers,  if you're interested to take the Challenge and to know more about this project,  you may visit and like their FB page  Take The Test Project  or you may text 0927-7155800 / 0923-3780800

Caracol Festival 2012

February 26,  Makati City celebrated its annual CARACOL FESTIVAL  that showcases beauties and talents of every Citizen of Makati from all ages.

No one  left the place with unsatisfying mood because  all Caracol participants were able to entertain the spectators through their grandiose, lively and festive performances.

Caracol is considered as Makati City’s Mardi Gras. Conceptualized in 1988, Caracol is a Spanish term for snail and refers to “the shell used by the people to protect them from life””s detrimental realities.” It is a combination of the three major ethnic festivals of the Philippines but in later years, Caracol developed its own character and focused on the bounty of Mother Earth and the need to protect her wealth.



Detoxifies • Lightening • Anti-aging 

Lather up in the richness of Glukogen Beauty Bar. All natural and infused with Glutathione to detoxify, Kojic to bring out that radiant glow and Collagen to bring back youthful skin. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Glukogen  is a body soap that has the power  to detoxifies, lighten skin and with good source of anti-aging. A combined glutathione and other healthy ingredients such as Coconut oil, Caustic Lye, Castor Oil, Kojic Acid Dipalmitate, Hydrolized Collagen, Fragrance Oil and Niacinamide that help all types of skin gets clearer, younger and firmed.

From formulation to packaging Glukogen guarantee that you will not disappoint buying it whether for a gift or for personal use. 

For best results use with Glukogen Body Crème.

You can buy this highly formulated body soap for only P125.00. 
For Inquiries, you may contact these following numbers: 02 531-4093 and 02 533 6714


EDSA Grand Residences: Portal East

For property developers like EDSA Grand Realty and Development Corp., nothing beats quality materials in the construction of their projects like condominiums so they expect nothing less.
“Quality residential units are what buyers look for when considering condo unit purchases so they get value for their money. That is why we emphasize on using quality materials for our projects,” explains Engr. Caesar Tan, Vice President of EDSA Grand Realty and Development Corp., one of the fastest-rising property developers in the country.
Security of their abode is one aspect that people look for when buying a condo unit. They want the feeling of safety and security once they are at home—or even when they are out. “Security of property and life is very important for all unit buyers and we understand that.  For our latest project, we see to it that we meet tenants’ and buyers’ needs when it comes to security, and we are confident on that aspect.”


One Orchard Road

A quite restaurant situated at busiest commercial building with perfect ambiance called One Orchard Road, remember this is not in Singapore but it's exactly located at the second floor of SM Mega mall in Mandaluyong City.

My friend Jenny treated me to a dinner here,  since it was my first time, so my eyes was in a bit search for something NEW and UNIQUE  and here's what I got. It is  like the colors represents the different enticing flavors  and the arrangement of the place is telling you to come back and dine again.

One thing I love from this resto is they have the strongest wifi ever! Perfect for hungry internet people like me.


Home Mavericks: A Destination for Design

Think global. Sell local. A brazen and ambitious manifesto for a furniture store – and one by which Home Mavericks proudly stands by. 

The home furnishings and pieces on display in their showroom along Arnaiz Ave. (across New World Hotel) are exclusively Cebu-made and typically end up in the living spaces of design-savvy New Yorkers and Londoners. Quite often, the stamp of “world-class quality” associated with Cebu furniture pieces has become synonymous with being “for export only”. But Home Mavericks begs to differ: high-quality Filipino design should also make their way to Filipino homes, not bypass them. It’s an honest bid to democratize design, and an inspired way to celebrate Filipino ingenuity and craftsmanship.
Imagine coming home to your loft in Rockwell or The Fort after a hectic day and sitting back on a chaise lounge that you’d normally find in a West Elm or Ralph Pucci outlet in New York. Smiling, you close your eyes, adrift in domestic bliss. Priceless moments like this are what the folks behind Home Mavericks strongly feel that Filipinos are entitled to enjoy. 


Mt. Pinatubo with the Happy Team

This is my first ever adventure with the happy team, The TEAM INJURY,   A 4x4 ride for more  than 18 kilometres and trekking going to the crater that takes you for about one and a half hour or two, same way going back to the city was amazing. 

It was indeed another one of the best journeys I've had, the great memories together with new found friends is priceless. I am looking forward for more adventures with them. Gracias! 

With our new Found French Friend Veronique  and the local tour guides.

Click HERE to view more  photos


Practical Surprises That Gives Comfort

Have you ever imagined this,  going home in the evening after your tough and busy schedule in the office and no one is available to make you feel more comfortable and the only place in your house that you can seek rest is your bed room? or oppositely Just simply waking up in the morning with some back pains because of the mattress or foam you are  using?

The good news is here, URATEX  is extremely in focus to give you MORE than what you deserve, making you feel LUCKY every time you wake up in the morning.

"Everyone desires a good night’s sleep, which is helpful to everybody because it helps us recharge our tired bodies after a hard day’s work. And this is where the Uratex Premium Mattress line comes in, with products like Premium Touch Cozy Latex, Premium Touch Viscoluxe Memory, and Purifoam."

Purifoam mattress

Therapoint mattress

Trapunto mattress

Uratex really gives you MORE meaning to life from colorful microwaveable containers, attractive kiddy design mattress for kids up to a celebrity-style mattress that fits your personality.   


It's More Fun In The Philippines

My thoughts on this

YES of course it is more fun to be here! We just have to believe that it is. Bunch of negative comments from the public on this campaign from questions of originality to colors and standing, but for me, why give a damn negative vibes? why don't we just help our country by making it into a real "reality".

Let's not focus on the LOGO or campaign, let's focus on the "WORDS" itself. It's more fun because our country has a lot to offer,  showcasing unique / authentic beauty of its land.  This is now our time as individual to move forward with action and with fun to show to the world that it is indeed more Fun to visit our country. And to make it more attractive, this begins to ourselves.

Look at this photo below, this is not in Rome or elsewhere, this is just located in the beautiful town of TAAL a two and a half hour drive away from the metro.


No matter what kind of logo/campaign we have, no matter  if it's WOW or KAY GANDA,  if we don't support this,  it wont work for a better Philippines.


Seafood Island Cubao

Turn your ordinary dinner into a festive style dining with friends at Seafood Island in Araneta Center, Cubao.

As a hungry buddies, my friends and I hunted some restaurants that can fill our stomach with delicious and something unique in serving. We've decided to dine-in here at Seafood Island and try one of their boodle sets, the group agreed to get the "Kanyaman"  a mouthwatering  set of Tahong, bangus, Bagoong Rice, kangkong, Hipon, Talong, Okra and Lechong Kawali.

I've been here before, nothing much to say about the place aside from it's comfortable, accessible and unique. You don't have to spend more to go to a certain place that serves authentic seafood all you have to do is to go to a place that can satisfy your food trip.


As usual if the foods are great, what else do you expect?